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9:06 am
Tue October 1, 2013

Beginning today, Michigan bow hunters will see how deer population has recovered from 2012 outbreak

Hunter poses with kill

This is a big day for thousands of Michigan deer hunters. It’s the beginning of bow season.

Hunters should expect to see more deer in southern Michigan this fall.

Last year, nearly 15 thousand deer died of Epizootic hemorrhagic disease or EHD.

The disease is spread to deer by small insects. It was the largest EHD outbreak in Michigan history.

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6:57 pm
Wed November 14, 2012

Michigan hunters lining up for fewer deer licenses

The line of hunters seeking deer licenses stayed steady across the state today
Steve Carmody/Michigan Radio

Some Michigan hunters are just learning today that they won’t be able to bag as many deer this year as they have in the past.

Firearms deer season begins tomorrow.  The day before the start of firearms deer season is usually the busiest day at retailers who sell hunting licenses.

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Environment & Science
2:01 pm
Sun September 23, 2012

Michigan wildlife officials hope to hear from hunters about the spread of a deadly deer virus

A white tail deer showing symptoms of Epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD)
mwanner_wc creative commons

Thousands of deer have died in Michigan due to a virus in the last few months.

State wildlife officials hope to hear from deer hunters this week as they try to track the disease.

This past weekend, thousands of Michigan deer hunters took to the woods.  A few were legally allowed to hunt deer, but most of them just to track deer they will try to bag when bow season starts next month.

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