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Michigan Supreme Court gives final "no" to election recount

The Michigan Supreme Court has shut down the last legal avenue to re-starting the statewide recount of presidential election ballots.

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Homes in Detroit.
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Calling all homeowners. Did you know that if your income is below a certain level, you can receive tax exemptions on your property tax? Michigan law calls for it under the General Property Tax Act . More from the law: "The principal residence of persons who, in the judgment of the supervisor and board of review, by reason of poverty, are unable to contribute toward the public charges is eligible for exemption in whole or in part from taxation under this act." Property owners who think they...

Caviar, climate change and a Great Lakes fish

Dec 6, 2016
Lake herring
Peter Payette

Scientists have been worried about the herring population in Lake Superior recently. In fact, last year they warned it might collapse. Lake Superior is the only one of the Great Lakes with a large population of this native fish. This fall, new rules protecting herring took effect in Wisconsin and Minnesota and things appear more stable. But there may still be a big problem lying beneath the surface.

One of the most frightening, haunting and horrible stories I heard this year had nothing to do with politics. In September, an eight-year-old autistic child in Lake Orion was supposedly misbehaving in class. So his teacher locked him in a padded room by himself for three and a half hours – a barbaric, medieval punishment called “seclusion and restraint.”

Ballots being prepared for the recount in Ingham County.
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The Detroit News reports that nearly a third of the precincts in Wayne County - most of them in Detroit - may not be able to be recounted in the presidential recount which began Monday in Michigan, due to broken machines and mistakes by poll workers. Wayne County starts its recount on Tuesday. From the News : “It’s not good,” conceded Daniel Baxter, elections director for the city of Detroit. He blamed the discrepancies on the city’s decade-old voting machines, saying 87 optical scanners...

According to McClelland, nasality is the hallmark of Midwestern speech.
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One of the core elements of your identity is your accent. But we here in the Midwest have a tendency to believe we don't have an accent. Writer Edward McClelland proves otherwise in his new book How to Speak Midwestern . McClelland sat down with us today to talk about what makes the Midwestern accent so distinct.

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The Next Idea Learning a new language and making new friends in a foreign land are just a few of the hardships faced by refugee children. They also encounter cultural differences that affect their ability to adapt; they worry about friends and families back in their home country; and they struggle with the uncertainty of acceptance in a foreign land.

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There isn't much we in America can agree on these days. However, some might say we are pretty well united on one thing: Most of us think the Citizens United ruling stinks and needs to go.

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Police officers, fire fighters, and other municipal employees are planning what they are titling a “call to action” Tuesday at the state Capitol. Lawmakers are holding a second hearing on a series of bills that would cut health benefits for municipal retirees like police officers and fire fighters. The bills would aggressively scale back retiree health benefits in cities with high unfunded liability costs. Proponents of the legislation say the current retiree health benefits system is not...

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Hoo boy. Here we go, folks. A hand recount of 4.8 million ballots, all done before December 13 to meet federal deadlines. Oakland County and Ingham County are scheduled to begin their recounts at noon Monday, in order to comply with a judge's early morning order that the state begin its recount right away. That way, state elections workers will be able to focus on these two counties first, iron out the process a bit, and then help the other counties begin tomorrow morning. (To see the recount...

On Election Night it seemed clear the Republican candidate had won an upset narrow victory in Michigan. But some people wouldn’t accept it. They fought to get a recount. The Republicans opposed it. But when a recount was finally ordered, irregularities and mistakes began to turn up. Figures had been transposed. Soon, the lead changed. When two thirds of the state had been recounted, the Republican gave up. The Democrat at the top of the ticket had carried the state, and that changed history....