Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle http://michiganradio.org en Defense Dept cuts contract, costing potential jobs in Michigan http://michiganradio.org/post/defense-dept-cuts-contract-costing-potential-jobs-michigan <p><a href="http://www.defense.gov/news/newsarticle.aspx?id=62351">The Secretary of Defense</a> says he wants to cancel a defense contract that would eliminate hundreds&nbsp;of&nbsp;potential new jobs in Michigan.&nbsp;</p><p>The contract would be for an amphibious vehicle for the U.S. Marine Corps. The Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle was intended to replace a Vietnam era model. <a href="http://generaldynamics.com/">A Sterling Heights based division of General Dynamics</a> is the contractor that has been developing the 40 ton vehicle.</p><p>Peter Keating is a company spokesman. He says canceling the program now will cost as much as moving forward with production.&nbsp;</p><blockquote><p>"<em>We would expect our congressional delegation in Washington DC to take a look at that and in their wisdom decide if it’s something they’d like to support."&nbsp;</em></p></blockquote><p>The marine vehicle has been plagued with cost overruns and other problems since the Reagan administration.&nbsp;&nbsp; Escalating costs prompted the U.S. Marine Corps to cut in half the number of Expeditionary Fighting Vehicles it planned to purchase. Keating insists past problems have been resolved.&nbsp; Thu, 06 Jan 2011 21:16:37 +0000 Steve Carmody 783 at http://michiganradio.org Defense Dept cuts contract, costing potential jobs in Michigan