pheromones en Playing matchmaker for sea lampreys <p>Sea lampreys are invasive parasites found in every one of the Great Lakes. It’s a fish with a round mouth like a suction cup. It latches onto big fish like trout and salmon... and kills them by drinking their blood.</p><p>It costs fisheries managers in the U.S. and Canada 20 million dollars a year to control the lamprey.</p><p>There’s one secret weapon in development that could eventually save them money... pheromones. Those are odors that male lampreys release to attract the lady lampreys.</p><p>I called <a href="">Nick Johnson with the Michigan lamprey research team</a> to find out how the team's third and final year of testing these pheromones is going.</p><p>You could call him a lamprey matchmaker.</p><blockquote><p>"Pheromones are typically species specific, so they should have minimal impact to other species, they're highly potent, effective at very low concentrations. So once they're developed they could be applied relatively cheaply and with little environmental impact."</p></blockquote><p> Fri, 14 Jan 2011 21:19:28 +0000 Rebecca Williams 893 at Playing matchmaker for sea lampreys