democratic response en Snyder set to deliver first State of the State address tonight <p><strong>Updated at 1 pm:</strong><a href="/post/snyder-set-deliver-first-state-state-address-tonight"><font color="#00529b">&nbsp;</font></a></p><p><font color="#00529b">Governor Snyder says the economy will be the focus of his first State of the State speech tonight. </font></p><p><font color="#00529b">That should come as no surprise, considering Michigan has a massive budget deficit and one of the nation’s <a href="">highest unemployment rates</a>.</font></p><p><font color="#00529b">Snyder says he’ll talk about economic development, and about a state partnership with the University of Michigan, as reported in <a href="">this </a>story on He says he also plans to present a “report card” on some key issues:&nbsp;</font></p><blockquote><p><font color="#00529b">We’re going to have probably 21 different measures in five different areas. Things about the economy, about the health of our people in the state, public safety issues, a number of different areas. Education.</font></p></blockquote><p><font color="#00529b">Snyder says the report card, or “dashboard” as he calls it, will be revisited in each of his State of the State addresses to see whether laws and policies are improving things. A spokeswoman for the governor says it will be made available on a Web site that's slated to go live later today.</font></p><p><strong>8:08 a.m.:</strong></p><p><a href="">Governor Rick Snyder</a> will deliver his <a href="">first State of the State address</a> tonight at 7 p.m.. He'll deliver the speech to a joint session of the Michigan legislature in the state's Capitol building in Lansing. Though details of the speech have not been released, we do know the speech is expected to last about 40 minutes and is likely to focus on ways to improve and reinvent the state's economy. Wed, 19 Jan 2011 18:09:13 +0000 Zoe Clark & Sarah Hulett 930 at Snyder set to deliver first State of the State address tonight