meijer en Last minute holiday shoppers swarm Michigan stores on Christmas Eve <p>Today hordes of last-minute Christmas shoppers hit Michigan stores frantically shopping for the perfect present, or at least the best still available.</p><p></p><p>The checkout lines, all two dozen of them, at a Meijer in Jackson were at least three shoppers deep around noon.</p><p></p><p>Jeff Bycraft was doing some last-minute Christmas shopping with his fiancé.</p><p></p><p>“Running a little bit behind this year, but we’re going to get it all done today. You have to,” says Bycraft.</p><p></p> Tue, 24 Dec 2013 19:10:28 +0000 Steve Carmody 15818 at Last minute holiday shoppers swarm Michigan stores on Christmas Eve Meijer and Chrysler to hire more workers in Michigan <p>Meijer announced today that they're planning to hire 4,400 part-time workers in Michigan (more in other states). The Grand Rapids-based company says they're hiring in response to company growth and&nbsp;<span style="color: rgb(87, 90, 93); font-family: 'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; line-height: 20px;">in "in preparation for the fall and holiday selling seasons."</span></p><p>More from their <a href="">press release</a>:</p> Thu, 08 Aug 2013 16:28:08 +0000 Mark Brush 13897 at Meijer and Chrysler to hire more workers in Michigan Officials break ground for new retail complex in Detroit <p>Calling it the first such new retail development in the city in decades, <a href="|head">officials broke ground on the site of a future 36-acre shopping center</a> Thursday.</p><p>Detroiters have long noted the city&rsquo;s lack of many quality shopping options&mdash;especially when it comes to buying groceries.</p><p>Officials hope the Gateway Shopping Center--on the former Michigan State fairgrounds at 8 Mile and Woodward-- will help fill some of that void.</p> Fri, 18 May 2012 03:02:11 +0000 Sarah Cwiek 7523 at Officials break ground for new retail complex in Detroit Meijer puts out video tribute; says chain will remain family run <p>The sons of the late Fred Meijer say the Walker-Michigan-based Meijer retail chain will remain &ldquo;family-owned, family-run&rdquo; in a video released Thursday.</p><p><a href=""></a></p><p>&ldquo;Because of our dad, Meijer will always be more than just a company,&rdquo; Hank and Doug Meijer say in the video, &ldquo;He was building something else all those years. He was building a family. One that is now 60,000 strong.&rdquo; Meijer Corporation has about around 200 stores in the Midwest. Fri, 23 Dec 2011 17:14:03 +0000 Lindsey Smith 5539 at Meijer remembered as a “great boss” and an “inspirational leader” <p>Hundreds of people have been lining up this evening to pay their final respects to Frederik Meijer. Meijer operated nearly 200 stores throughout the Midwest. He died Friday after suffering a stroke.</p><p>A public visitation service is going on at Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park through 10 o&rsquo;clock tonight.</p><p>A line stretched all the way outside the park. People slowly made their way past mostly black and white photographs and some color videos of Fred and his wife Lena; eventually passing by Meijer&rsquo;s open casket.</p> Tue, 29 Nov 2011 22:44:12 +0000 Lindsey Smith 5177 at Meijer remembered as a “great boss” and an “inspirational leader” Around 10,000 people expected to pay final respects to Fred Meijer <p>Meijer spokesman Frank Guglielmi says they&rsquo;re expecting at least 10,000 people to travel to Grand Rapids Tuesday&nbsp;for the public visitation.</p><p>&ldquo;The Meijer family wanted to give the community an opportunity to pay their respects to Fred because he meant so much to so many people, not just in Grand Rapids but really in the state of Michigan,&rdquo; Guglielmi said.</p><p>People have <a href=";ppid=45814&amp;beid=CCD2125486E4C840">already flooded an online guest book </a>with &lsquo;thanks yous&rsquo; to Fred. They&rsquo;ve shared memories of working with him; even simple stories like getting one of his signed Purple Cow cards (and Sandy the pony - rides still cost just a penny). The cards were good for one free ice cream cone at a Meijer deli. Meijer used to hand the cards out to people he met in his stores. Tue, 29 Nov 2011 00:40:00 +0000 Lindsey Smith 5160 at Around 10,000 people expected to pay final respects to Fred Meijer Frederik Meijer dies at age 91 <p>&nbsp;</p><p>Frederik Meijer, the Chairman Emeritus of Meijer grocery stores has died at the age of 91.</p><p>Meijer Corp. owns more than 150 stores in Michigan and around the Midwest.</p><p>He also helped establish the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, MI.</p><p>Meijer and his wife Lena were major philanthropists in Western Michigan. One organization to receive a major gift was Grand Valley State University, which named its public broadcast center after him.</p> Sat, 26 Nov 2011 05:13:10 +0000 Vincent Duffy 5141 at Gas prices pinching retailers <p>Gasoline prices in Michigan continue to edge closer to <a href="">$4 a gallon</a>. Rising prices are affecting retailers along with customers. Consumers are taking a double hit,&nbsp; prices are rising at the pump and increasing fuel costs are expected to boost food prices by 3 to 4 percent this year, with the biggest increases in meat, dairy and coffee.&nbsp;</p><p>Many of <a href=",1607,7-153-10366_37141_37705---,00.html">Meijer</a>&rsquo;s 101 stores in Michigan have company gas stations sitting in front. Frank Guglielmi&nbsp;is a Meijer&rsquo;s spokesman. He says as gas prices rise the retailer is seeing customer buying patterns change.&nbsp;</p><blockquote><p>&nbsp;&quot;The more money they have to spend on fuel for their vehicles, the less they have potentially spend on groceries or general merchandize in a Meijer store.&rdquo;</p></blockquote><p>Guglielmi says Michigan consumers have become a &ldquo;battle hardened&rdquo; group&quot; as a result of the double punch of recession and high gasoline prices in recent years.&nbsp;</p><p>The price of fuel is expected to continue to rise through Memorial Day. Thu, 07 Apr 2011 12:57:00 +0000 Steve Carmody 1952 at Gas prices pinching retailers Meijer offers to ships items anywhere in the world <p>Michigan-based retail giant <a href="">Meijer </a>says it will now ship any of the items from its stores to any place in the world. Before now, customers could only get bulk items shipped to their homes.</p><p>Frank Guglielmi is a Meijer spokesman.</p><blockquote><p>“There’s the customers who are familiar and predisposed towards Meijer who perhaps lived in the Midwest or Grand Rapids and have moved to other destinations and then there’s providing a good offering online for groceries for any consumer out there.”</p> Mon, 31 Jan 2011 18:58:27 +0000 Lindsey Smith 1097 at Meijer offers to ships items anywhere in the world Michigan Supreme Court to consider who should prosecute violations of the state's election laws <p>The Michigan Supreme Court will hear arguments tomorrow&nbsp;involving <a href="">Meijer</a> officials who may have violated state campaign finance law.</p><p>The company financed a public relations campaign to kick out village trustees who opposed Meijer’s plans to build a new store in their community.&nbsp;&nbsp; The move may have violated Michigan’s campaign finance law, which bars corporations and their agents from making campaign contributions. The <a href="">Grand Traverse Eagle</a> has done a great job covering the case.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;<a href="">Alan Schneider</a> is Grand Traverse County Prosecutor.&nbsp; He’s wanted to pursue an investigation against the Meijer officials. &nbsp;But attorneys for the Meijer officials involved say only the Secretary of State’s office has the authority to prosecute campaign finance cases.&nbsp;&nbsp; Alan Schneider says the Michigan Supreme Court must decide who’s right.</p><blockquote><p><em>“If there’s a crime, that’s a state crime, we are obligated to prosecute.”&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</em></p></blockquote><p>The whole issue could be moot.&nbsp;&nbsp; Last year, <a href="">the US Supreme Court struck down federal laws barring corporations from making political contributions.&nbsp; </a></p><p>Meanwhile, Meijer has paid millions of dollars in settlements to the state and the targeted village trustees. Thu, 20 Jan 2011 18:43:00 +0000 Steve Carmody 949 at Michigan Supreme Court to consider who should prosecute violations of the state's election laws