john goss en Carp czar says faster action plan 'unrealistic' <p>The Obama Administration&rsquo;s point man on the <a href="">Asian Carp </a>crisis says there&rsquo;s no way to speed up the efforts to permanently keep the invasive fish from reaching the Great Lakes.</p><p>The Asian Carp have destroyed native fish populations in the Mississippi River and have swum within a few miles of Lake Michigan.&nbsp; There are concerns that if Asian Carp enter the Great Lakes ecosystem, they will overwhelm and destroy the region&#39;s multi-billion dollar fishing industry.</p><p>Several members of Congress want the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to speed up their 5 year review of possible action plans to stop the carp. <a href="">Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow</a> says time is important.</p><blockquote><p>&nbsp;&ldquo;We have to have a sense of urgency about it.&nbsp; The Army Corps is studying this issue now, but it&rsquo;s going to take them several years&hellip;we don&rsquo;t have several years.&nbsp; We need to get this done as quickly as possible.&rdquo;&nbsp;&nbsp;<span style="display: none;">&nbsp;</span></p></blockquote><p>But <a href="">Obama Administration Carp Czar John Goss</a> says the 18 month schedule proposed by members of Congress is not enough time.&nbsp;</p><blockquote><p>&nbsp;&ldquo;Realistically I think it&rsquo;s going to take substantially longer than that to get the right solution in the long term.&rdquo;</p></blockquote><p><a href="">Major General John Peabody </a>is the commander of the Corps of Engineers &lsquo;Great Lakes &amp; Ohio River&rsquo; Division. He says finding a solution will take more than 18 months.&nbsp;</p><blockquote><p>&ldquo;I never say never, because you don&rsquo;t know what you don&rsquo;t know about the future.&nbsp;&nbsp; But in our judgment it&rsquo;s not possible because of the complexity of the situation.&rdquo;</p></blockquote><p>The president&rsquo;s top people on the Asian Carp crisis held a public hearing today&nbsp;in Ypsilanti. Tue, 08 Mar 2011 20:18:35 +0000 Steve Carmody 1550 at Carp czar says faster action plan 'unrealistic' 'Asian carp Czar' to hold meeting in Michigan <p>John Goss, the Obama Administration&#39;s so-called &quot;Asian carp Czar&quot; will be in Ypsilanti, Michigan today. Goss, along with federal officials from the U.S. Corps of Engineers, will discuss long-term strategy for keeping the <a href="">invasive Asian carp</a> out of the Great Lakes. The Associated Press reports:</p><blockquote><p>The Army Corps is conducting a study of how to stop migrations of invasive species between the Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins. One option is separating the man-made linkage between the two watersheds in the Chicago area.</p><p>The study is scheduled for completion 2015. Legislation <a href="">introduced in Congress last week</a> calls for a quicker timetable.</p></blockquote><p> Tue, 08 Mar 2011 11:39:08 +0000 Zoe Clark 1542 at 'Asian carp Czar' to hold meeting in Michigan Federal officials to hold public meetings today on Asian carp threat <p>Want to hear how the federal government plans to keep <a href="">Asian carp out of the Great Lakes</a>? Well, now's the time. <a href="">John Goss</a>, the Obama administration's point man in the fight against Asian carp, will be part of a federal delegation visiting Traverse City today for back-to-back public meetings.</p><p>The Associated Press <a href="">reports</a>:</p><blockquote><p>The officials will outline their strategy and take comments on a long-range study of how to prevent the carp and other invasive species from migrating between the Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins.</p><p>Environmentalists, Michigan and four other Great Lakes states want to sever the man-made link between the two aquatic systems. The Army Corps of Engineers is conducting the study and says that's one option.</p><p>Activists also say the study's planned completion date of 2015 isn't soon enough.</p></blockquote><p>There's concern that if the Asian carp make their way into the Great Lakes that they could <a href="">wreak havoc on the lakes' eco-systems</a>. Thu, 27 Jan 2011 11:57:03 +0000 Zoe Clark 1033 at Federal officials to hold public meetings today on Asian carp threat