part time en Michigan teens face (slightly less) high unemployment this summer <p>30% of Michigan teens hoping to find work this summer&hellip;won&rsquo;t. That&rsquo;s according to the <a href="">Michigan Department of Technology, Management &amp; Budget</a>.</p><p>Bruce Weaver is an analyst for the state. He says the rate has actually declined from last year:</p><blockquote><p><em>&ldquo; The unemployment rate for teens reached a thirty year high, in the summer of 2010.&rdquo; </em></p></blockquote><p>He says teens will have a tough time finding jobs because of the high unemployment numbers for adults:</p> Fri, 20 May 2011 21:18:35 +0000 Michigan Radio Newsroom 2597 at Michigan teens face (slightly less) high unemployment this summer A part-time Michigan legislature? <p>Republican state Representative <a href="">Dave Agema</a> introduced a bill yesterday that would amend the state's constitution to create a part-time legislature, rather than the full-time legislature that Michigan currently has.</p><p>The Associated Press calls it a, "long-shot" as efforts to make the legislature part-time have failed in the past. Michigan Radio's Political Analyst Jack Lessenberry agrees. He says he doesn't think the bill will go anywhere.</p><p>The AP reports:</p><blockquote><p>Advocates say it would save money and force lawmakers to be more efficient when conducting business at the state Capitol.</p></blockquote><p>Peter Luke of <a href="">explains</a>:</p><blockquote><p>Agema’s amendment would limit the Legislature, which convenes on the second Wednesday of every January, to 150 consecutive days of session. Budget bills would have to be completed by June 15; it’s now Sept. 30. Extra days could be scheduled, but only for extraordinary reasons that aren’t specified. Thu, 27 Jan 2011 12:12:36 +0000 Zoe Clark 1034 at A part-time Michigan legislature?