woodchuck http://michiganradio.org en Michigan woodchuck predicts 6 more weeks of winter http://michiganradio.org/post/michigan-woodchuck-predicts-6-more-weeks-winter <p>HOWELL, Mich. (AP) - Michigan's weather-prognosticating woodchuck has called for six more weeks of winter.<br /><br />The Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News report that Woody stayed put in her home at the Howell Conference and Nature Center on Sunday morning, taken to mean there won't be an early end to the state's cold, white winter.<br /><br />Nature center Executive Director Dick Grant tells the Livingston County Daily Press &amp; Argus that Woody is 11-4 in weather predictions.<br /> Sun, 02 Feb 2014 22:09:59 +0000 The Associated Press 16275 at http://michiganradio.org Michigan woodchuck predicts 6 more weeks of winter Spring prediction: Michigan's Woody vs. Punxsutawney Phil http://michiganradio.org/post/spring-prediction-michigans-woody-vs-punxsutawney-phil <p>While many in the Midwest chose to stay buried under the covers this morning amidst the snow storm that blanketed the region, Punxsutawney Phil, the famed weather prognosticator, ventured out to let us know whether or not we should expect an early spring. Upon being presented to the crowd at Gobbler’s Knob in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, <a href="http://www.groundhog.org/">Phil failed to see his shadow</a>, thereby predicting an early spring for everyone.</p><p>Today marks the <a href="http://www.groundhog.org/groundhog-day/about-groundhog-day/">125<sup>th</sup> annual Groundhog Day ceremony</a> featuring the meteorological predictions of the large marmot. Since Phil’s first prediction in 1887, he has failed to see his shadow only 15 times. Most meteorologists suggest that Phil’s predictions lack scientific justification. But, as many struggle to dig their way out of over a foot of snow in temperatures near zero, it remains unclear whether Phil is an optimist attempting to lift our spirits or just a sarcastic rodent.</p><p>Meanwhile, at the <a href="http://www.howellnaturecenter.org/">Howell Conference and Nature Center</a> in Livingston County, Woody the Woodchuck made her own prognostication regarding the arrival of spring for Michigan. Upon being presented to the crowd in Howell, Woody promptly saw her shadow, predicting another six weeks of winter, and perhaps inadvertently starting a meteorological feud between the two prophetic marmots. Only time will tell who has true powers of prophesy, but, after last night’s winter storm, odds are currently in Woody’s favor. Wed, 02 Feb 2011 13:59:49 +0000 Michigan Radio Newsroom & Zoe Clark 1129 at http://michiganradio.org Spring prediction: Michigan's Woody vs. Punxsutawney Phil