groundhog day en Groundhog Day in Lansing <p>Well, it’s Groundhog Day, there’s a foot of snow, and I’d guess&nbsp; most of the state’s woodchucks aren’t even thinking about coming out of their burrows, let alone looking for their shadows.</p><p>Our lawmakers aren’t anywhere near the Capitol Dome either; they prudently took a couple of days off. But they’ll be back soon, and hopefully at work straightening out the state’s finances.</p><p>People may differ on how our lawmakers should balance the books, and put our state on a permanently sounder footing.</p><p>But nobody wants any further repeats of Groundhog Day. As in the movie of that name where the main character has to keep repeating the same day over and over.&nbsp;</p><p>He had to do that, as I recall, until he learned a profound lesson about life. Our legislators have been doing a version of that for years.&nbsp; Papering over serious problems; going for quick fixes, kicking problems down the road for future generations to deal with. Wed, 02 Feb 2011 17:12:04 +0000 Jack Lessenberry 1134 at Groundhog Day in Lansing