rouge river en Enviros say sewer plan stinks <p>Environmental advocates are criticizing a <a href="">plan </a>to scale back pollution controls for the sewer system that serves metro Detroit.</p><p>Officials with the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department say population loss and the poor economy have forced them to revisit plans to build a massive underground tunnel along the <a href="">Rouge River</a>.</p><p>The tunnel would store untreated and partially treated sewage so that it wouldn&rsquo;t get dumped into the river during rainstorms. Officials with DWSD say they still plan to build it, but it would be considerably smaller, and construction would be pushed back about a decade.</p><p>But critics say the public should be skeptical. James Clift of the <a href="">Michigan Environmental Council </a>says DWSD has consistently failed to deliver on promises of a cleaner system.</p><blockquote><p>&ldquo;Why should we believe you this time? We&rsquo;ve had decades of permits being issued, and non-compliance from this system.&rdquo;</p></blockquote><p>Officials with the sewer system say their plan is affordable, and within Detroit&rsquo;s ability to fund. And they say that will avoid delays tied to the city&rsquo;s economic recovery.</p><p>There is a public hearing on the proposal tonight at 7:00 at U of M-Dearborn. Wed, 23 Feb 2011 21:32:45 +0000 Sarah Hulett 1401 at Enviros say sewer plan stinks