kerfoot en St. Patrick's Day parody from "Not-so-pure Michigan" (video) <p>Filmaker John Kerfoot plays off the Pure Michigan brand with his &quot;Not So Pure Michigan&quot; video parodies.</p><p>His latest video parody...&nbsp; St. Patrick&#39;s Day in Detroit:</p><p>;feature=player_embedded</p><p>The <a href="">Detroit News</a> reports that crowds are gathering at the pubs in Detroit:</p><blockquote><p>For a day at least, it appears everybody at a Metro Detroit pub is Irish.</p><p>More than 150 people were at the Old Shillelagh bar in Detroit this morning, eating breakfast and drinking beer to celebrate St. Patrick&#39;s Day.</p><p>&quot;I&#39;m not Irish, but I celebrate every year if I can,&quot; said Katie Rohroff, 22, of Southgate. &quot;We&#39;ll be here most of the day, and then I&#39;ll have to take a nap.&quot; Thu, 17 Mar 2011 14:17:11 +0000 Mark Brush 1687 at