Bo Schembechler en The game ball goes to "Bump" Elliott <p>At last week&rsquo;s Homecoming Game, Michigan had planned to honor one of its great alums, a man named Chalmers Elliott &ndash; better known as Bump.</p><p>He was an All-American football player and a Big Ten champion coach, but earned greater fame as the athletic director at Iowa, Michigan&rsquo;s opponent this weekend.</p><p>Pneumonia kept the 86-year old legend from making it, however, so we&#39;re honoring him today.&nbsp;</p><p>Michigan football has produced a lot of big name coaches and players, but one of the finest men who played and coached for Michigan deserves to be a little bigger.</p><p>His name is Chalmers Elliott &ndash; which might explain why he goes by &ldquo;Bump.&rdquo; Fri, 04 Nov 2011 11:44:13 +0000 John U. Bacon 4854 at The game ball goes to "Bump" Elliott What does it mean to be a "Michigan Man"? <p>The term &ldquo;Michigan Man&rdquo; probably goes back to the day men arrived at Michigan.</p><p>But it&rsquo;s taken more than a few twists and turns since &ndash; and not always for the better.</p><p>Fielding Yost gave the term &ldquo;Michigan Man&rdquo; a boost when he started using it in his speeches.</p><p>But the phrase really took off in 1989, when Michigan athletic director Bo Schembechler announced he was firing basketball coach Bill Frieder, on the eve of the NCAA basketball tournament, because Frieder had signed a secret deal to coach Arizona State the next season.</p> Fri, 21 Oct 2011 10:36:45 +0000 John U. Bacon 4655 at What does it mean to be a "Michigan Man"? Remembering Vada Murray <p></p><p>If you&rsquo;re not a Michigan football fan, you probably haven&rsquo;t heard of Vada Murray, but you might have seen his picture.</p><p>It&rsquo;s one of the iconic images of Michigan football, along with Tom Harmon standing in his mud-soaked, torn-apart jersey, Ol&rsquo; 98, and Desmond Howard diving to catch a touchdown against Notre Dame -- two Heisman Trophy winners, winning big games.</p><p>But the photo I&rsquo;m talking about depicts Vada Murray and Tripp Welborne soaring skyward to block a field goal.</p><p>They were a kicker&rsquo;s nightmare, but even when they got a hand on the ball, it simply denied their opponent three points -- not the kind of thing that wins you a Heisman Trophy or an NFL contract.</p><p>They don&rsquo;t even keep records of blocked kicks.</p><p>But, over two decades later, something about that photo still resonates, perhaps because it captures their effort, their intensity, their passion &ndash; all of it spent just to give their teammates a slightly better chance for success. Fri, 08 Apr 2011 14:03:23 +0000 John U. Bacon 1979 at