Mitt Romney en Michigan GOP elects Mitt Romney's niece to Republican National Committee <p>EAST LANSING, Mich. (AP) - Michigan Republican officials have chosen the niece of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney to replace Terri Lynn Land on the party's national committee.<br /><br />Ronna Romney McDaniel was elected Saturday morning during a meeting of the 113-member Michigan Republican Party State Central Committee. McDaniel is the daughter of Ronna Romney, who also served on the Republican National Committee.<br /> Sat, 15 Feb 2014 16:44:49 +0000 The Associated Press 16466 at Michigan GOP elects Mitt Romney's niece to Republican National Committee Commentary: Two Detroits <p></p><p></p><p>I had dinner recently with Elaine Stritch, the Broadway legend who in later years, won new television audiences with her work on everything from The Cosby Show to 30 Rock.</p><p>She is 88 now and after living in New York and London since World War II, moved back to her hometown recently, back to greater Detroit. And I was curious about why. Yes, she has some family here, but as Stritch candidly said, she has enough money that she could live anywhere. She told me, it was the sun.</p><p>Detroit sunshine is like that of nowhere else in the world, she said, inviting, bright and warm even on chilly days. “In New York, well, the sun is a cold and distant thing,” she said.</p><p> Mon, 13 May 2013 13:44:27 +0000 Jack Lessenberry 12535 at Commentary: Two Detroits Romney's older brother interested in Levin seat <p>The older brother of presidential candidate Mitt Romney is interested in running for the Michigan Senate seat being vacated by Carl Levin in 2014.<br><br>A state GOP official said Friday that Scott Romney, 71, is exploring his options with potential supporters. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorized to speak publicly about specific candidates.<br><br>An attorney, Scott Romney lost the 1998 nomination for attorney general at the Michigan Republican Party's convention. One of his ex-wives, Ronna, ran for the Senate in 1996 but lost to Levin.<br> Sat, 09 Mar 2013 19:36:23 +0000 Associated Press 11615 at Commentary: Election Day and history <p>The incumbent president was a Democrat, a controversial figure whose legitimacy was doubted by millions, right from the start. His Republican challenger was a Michigan native, but one who left the state after high school, and moved east.</p><p>He found fame and fortune, and was eventually elected governor of his adopted state, then won the right to take on the sitting president. His followers, including the Wall Street Journal and the Detroit News, were convinced his election was necessary to save the nation from government spending run amok.</p> Tue, 06 Nov 2012 12:21:50 +0000 Jack Lessenberry 9786 at Commentary: Election Day and history Presidential campaign heats up in Michigan as poll shows race tightening <p>Republicans are hoping to put Michigan's Electoral College votes back in play with $3.7 million worth of TV ad buys in the state as the campaign heads into its final week.</p><p>As <a href="">the Detroit Free Press reports</a>, the conservative advocacy group Americans for Prosperity announced an ad buy of $1.5 million Tuesday, while the Super PAC Restore Our Future has purchased $2.2 million of air time.</p> Wed, 31 Oct 2012 20:52:14 +0000 Michigan Radio Newsroom 9716 at Presidential campaign heats up in Michigan as poll shows race tightening Commentary: Devil’s night and the witching hour <p></p><p></p><p>I’m writing this with rain coming down, the wind howling, tree limbs down all over the place, and I‘m feeling lucky.</p> Tue, 30 Oct 2012 12:36:26 +0000 Jack Lessenberry 9687 at Commentary: Devil’s night and the witching hour Laura Bush to appear at Romney campaign event in Livonia <p>Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign has shown a renewed interest in Michigan with recent visits from Chris Christie, Ann Romney, and vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan.</p><p>Former first lady Laura Bush looks to be the next in line as she is scheduled to appear at a campaign event this Sunday in Livonia.</p><p><a href="">The Detroit News</a> has more:</p> Fri, 26 Oct 2012 21:41:32 +0000 Michigan Radio Newsroom 9647 at Laura Bush to appear at Romney campaign event in Livonia Domino's Pizza renews commitment to Ann Arbor <p>Domino's Pizza is renewing its lease at Domino's Farm Office Park in Ann Arbor for ten more years.</p><p>More from <a href=""></a>:</p><blockquote><p>Domino’s signed a deal in August to renew its lease in the Domino's Farms Office Park through 2022, and to expand its space by 12,000 square feet.</p> Mon, 22 Oct 2012 16:23:38 +0000 Mark Brush 9556 at Domino's Pizza renews commitment to Ann Arbor Michigan 4th worst in gender-based income inequality <p>Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women” comment from the second presidential debate became an <a href="">instant Internet meme</a>, but it also brought attention to the issue of income inequality based on gender.</p><p>It’s an issue with particular relevance for Michigan.</p><p>The state ranks fourth in the country for the largest pay gap between men and women.</p> Fri, 19 Oct 2012 19:33:07 +0000 Michigan Radio Newsroom 9541 at Michigan 4th worst in gender-based income inequality Election 2012: Is Michigan a true battleground in the race for the White House? <p>With just 25 days to go before the Presidential election, and a week since the first Presidential debate, a few pollsters and at least one analyst are putting Michigan into swing-state territory even though, as we’ve <a href="">noted before</a>, President Obama’s generally been given the edge in most polls in the state.</p><p>This week, Michigan enjoyed a round of visits from top flight presidential candidate surrogates starting with Republican Vice Presidential nominee <a href="">Paul Ryan on Monday</a>. And, just today, we saw Anne Romney <a href="">stumping for her husband</a>, Mitt Romney, in the couple’s native-state.</p><p>So, the question remains, after five presidential election cycles with Michigan falling into the Democratic column, is Michigan an actual battleground state in 2012?</p><p>The right-leaning website Real Clear Politics says so. A Detroit News/WDIV poll shows the Obama lead shrinking since last week’s debate and a Gravis Marketing poll also puts the race for Michigan’s 16 electoral votes much closer than it has been. President Obama <em>still</em> leads, according to these surveys, but the momentum is moving toward Mitt Romney.</p><p>And, as we’ve said before, Michigan seems like it should be attainable for the GOP. It’s not like a Republican can’t get elected here statewide. Just ask Governor Rick Snyder, Attorney General Bill Schuette or Secretary of State Ruth Johnson.</p><p>But, aside from the Real Clear Politics call, no one else is really putting Michigan into that list of eight or nine states that are the focus of the fiercest competition (states like Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, New Hampshire, Nevada and Iowa). And, we’re certainly not seeing a big re-allocation of resources by the campaigns that would suggest things are changing in the mitten state.</p><p>One question that gets bandied about is: if Michigan isn’t a battleground state, then why are high profile campaign surrogates making regular stops here? Well, there are lots of reasons why candidates and their surrogates visit a state – fundraising, a quick visit to make sure a safe state stays that way. But President Obama hasn’t been here since April; Romney since August. In fact, this was the first time in decades that neither presidential candidate themselves visited Michigan during the entire month of September. In 2004, George W. Bush made John Kerry work for Michigan, which maybe meant he wasn’t able to spend as much time and money in places like Ohio and Florida – true swing states with lots of electoral votes. Fri, 12 Oct 2012 23:00:00 +0000 Zoe Clark & Rick Pluta 9477 at Election 2012: Is Michigan a true battleground in the race for the White House? Ann Romney gushes love for Michigan, praises Paul Ryan's debate performance <p>Ann Romney is making stops across Michigan Friday. The wife of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney started early at conference center in Hudsonville, just outside of Grand Rapids.</p><p>Ann Romney has been doing a lot of campaigning for her husband. So she says she made one “special request” of planners; “Will you please send me to Michigan?”</p><p>Standing in front of a “Women for Mitt” banner, Ann Romney held up her hand, pointed to her hometown and confessed her love for the state.</p> Fri, 12 Oct 2012 15:27:17 +0000 Lindsey Smith 9465 at Ann Romney gushes love for Michigan, praises Paul Ryan's debate performance Romney, Stabenow far outspend opponents on ads in Michigan <p>Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow are both far outspending their opponents on TV ads in Michigan.</p><p>That’s according to a report released Monday by the Michigan Campaign Finance Network.</p><p>The report says groups supporting Romney have spent about $13 million for ads in Michigan since the February primary.</p><p>The Obama campaign and supporters haven’t spent as much in Michigan, but Obama still has a lead among likely voters, according to most polls.</p><p>Rich Robinson is with the Michigan Campaign Finance Network.</p> Tue, 09 Oct 2012 19:28:55 +0000 Jake Neher 9419 at Romney, Stabenow far outspend opponents on ads in Michigan Romney closes on Obama in new poll; Stabenow extends lead <p>A poll released yesterday by EPIC-MRA of Lansing shows the presidential race tightening in Michigan.</p><p>Aided by a strong debate performance, Mitt Romney has reduced President Barack Obama’s ten point lead to just three points—within the margin of error for the poll <a href="">reports the Detroit Free Press</a>.</p><p>From the Free Press:</p> Tue, 09 Oct 2012 19:24:11 +0000 Michigan Radio Newsroom 9432 at Romney closes on Obama in new poll; Stabenow extends lead VP candidate Paul Ryan scheduled to appear at Oakland University 'victory rally' <p>Paul Ryan will be at Oakland University in Rochester tonight as the Romney campaign refocuses its attention on Michigan.</p><p>This comes after fundraising visits to Midland and Novi from Chris Christie on Saturday night.</p><p>As MLive reports, the vice presidential candidate will be introduced by Kid Rock at what the campaign is calling a “victory rally.”</p><p>From <a href="">MLive</a>:</p> Mon, 08 Oct 2012 19:00:56 +0000 Michigan Radio Newsroom 9417 at VP candidate Paul Ryan scheduled to appear at Oakland University 'victory rally' NJ Gov. Christie to be in Midland, Michigan for Romney fundraiser <p>$10,000 a plate will get you a seat at the table at the H Hotel in Midland this Saturday, according to Mark Tower of <a href="">MLive:</a></p><blockquote><p>According to the event <span id="asset-11662816"><a href="">RSVP form</a></span> from Romney Victory, Inc., guests can pay a wide range to take part in the event, which begins with the&nbsp;12:45 p.m. private lunch.</p><p>From the $10,000 per couple cost&nbsp;for&nbsp;the lunch, the price steps down to $2,500&nbsp;per person for a VIP photo reception at 1:15 p.m. and $1,000 per person for the 1:45 p.m. general reception.</p><p>Proceeds from the event will go to Romney Victory, Inc., a joint&nbsp;fundraising committee. Contributions will be split between Romney for President, Inc., the Republican National Committee, the National Republican Senatorial Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee. Fri, 05 Oct 2012 14:46:58 +0000 Mark Brush 9379 at NJ Gov. Christie to be in Midland, Michigan for Romney fundraiser Stateside: Impressions of the first Presidential Debate <p>The first Presidential debate of 2012 is in the history books.</p><p>Radio, Television and Newspapers are filled today with opinions, verdicts and spins.</p><p>Who came out on top?</p><p>Will the undecided voters be moved one way or another?<br><br> Did the 90-minute debate contain anything likely to strike a deep chord with voters here in Michigan?</p> Thu, 04 Oct 2012 20:26:21 +0000 Stateside Staff 9370 at Stateside: Impressions of the first Presidential Debate Watching the debate tonight? Play along with 'Debate Bingo' <p>Our friends at <a href="">WNYC</a> have come up with a way to keep score at home tonight as you watch the first presidential debate.</p><blockquote><p>Watching the debate tonight? Why not <a href="" target="_blank">watch and chat with us</a> while we play interactive debate bingo! Get a fresh card, fill in your tiles as the candidates (or moderators) call out your terms, and tweet out when you've got a winner.</p> Wed, 03 Oct 2012 14:55:02 +0000 Mark Brush 9344 at Watching the debate tonight? Play along with 'Debate Bingo' Just what do politicians do when they're in trouble? Change the subject, of course <p>There's little doubt by now you've heard, because it sure seems like everybody’s heard, Mitt Romney’s now-famous – infamous – 47 percent comment. It set the political grapevine ablaze this week with discussion and speculation that this is the gaffe that’s sunk the Romney campaign with 46 days to go until Election Day. Much like John McCain’s “Michigan moment” in 2008 when he pulled his campaign out of the state and everyone just kind of declared, "game over."</p><p>But there <em>are still </em>46 days to go and Romney and many of his fellow Republicans are saying: Whoa, not so fast...&nbsp; It ain't over til it's over. “A lot of folks would just as soon have this election be done now… The fact is elections are held on one day, November sixth, and not before," State Attorney General Bill Schuette, Romney's Michigan campaign manager, said this week.&nbsp; It's a variation on the classic, "the only poll that counts is the one on Election Day.”</p><p><strong>Redirecting the Message</strong></p><p>Political campaigns are really about three things: one is identifying your voters, another is making sure your voters get out on election day and the third - which is especially critical to getting out your voters as well as persuading the ones who are undecided - is “messaging.”&nbsp; Because in politics, “messaging” is a verb. So, for the Romney campaign, the question is, how to pull off that pivot, how to change the subject. And the message of the moment is, "Hey, everybody makes mistakes."</p><p>“Well, I think Barak Obama has made a lot of mistakes, too. When he said the private sector is doing just fine. That’s nonsense. When a small businessperson is successful, he said that person didn’t build it. We know that’s not true," Schuette explained, trying to create an equivalency between the two candidates and the two campaigns. Those are things the president said that – taken out of context, certainly – but still were missteps that Republicans have now turned against him. Republicans have also reached back to 1998 when President Obama was still a state senator in Illinois to something he said, that he believes in wealth redistribution, ignoring that he also said he believes in free markets. Fri, 21 Sep 2012 23:34:41 +0000 Zoe Clark & Rick Pluta 9195 at Just what do politicians do when they're in trouble? Change the subject, of course Commentary: Depending on government <p>I’m not running for anything, now, or presumably ever. But I have a confession to make. I am not rich, but my household income is more than a hundred thousand dollars a year.</p><p>Nevertheless, I get a form of welfare from the government. And my guess is that you do too. If not, other members of your family do. My welfare is called the home mortgage tax deduction.</p><p>The government exempts me from paying thousands of dollars in taxes that I would have to pay if I lived in a rented apartment.</p> Wed, 19 Sep 2012 13:23:23 +0000 Jack Lessenberry 9146 at Commentary: Depending on government Romney 'Super PAC' to spend in Michigan again <p><strong>Update 5:13 p.m.</strong></p><p>A pro-Mitt Romney group will start running ads attacking President Obama’s jobs record in Michigan beginning tomorrow.<br><br> Recent polls show the president leading his Republican challenger in Michigan. And the Romney campaign has focused its own TV ad spending elsewhere.</p><p>Charlie Spies is co-founder of the Restore Our Future "Super PAC." Super PACS can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money from corporations, unions and individuals.<br><br> Spies says polls suggest Romney is still competitive in Michigan:</p><p>“Right now it shows Michigan with a slight Obama lead, but certainly within the margin that it’s competitive. And we’re very optimistic about the upper Midwest…both Wisconsin and Michigan.”<br><br> Spies says recent campaign stops in by Vice President Joe Biden and his wife show the Obama campaign is still worried about losing Michigan.</p><p><strong>10:48 a.m.</strong></p><p>Michigan Radio's Steve Carmody spoke with Restore Our Future reps this morning.</p><p>They confirmed that they will start running a new ad in Michigan markets starting tomorrow.</p><p>It's a one million dollar ad buy.</p><p>They told Carmody they expect to do a similar ad buy in Michigan next week.</p><p><strong>10:09 a.m.</strong></p><p>Conservative 'Super PACs' supporting Mitt Romney's presidential run <a href="">recently pulled their ads out of Michigan</a>.</p><p>It was an indication the state wasn't polling well for the Republican candidate.</p><p>But Sarah Wheaton over at the NY Times blog "<a href="">The Caucus</a>" writes some Super PAC money might be coming back.</p><p>Despite losing traction in the polls after the nominating conventions, Wheaton says Romney has one clear advantage over President Obama - "outside groups with much more money to spend supporting his candidacy and tactically placing their bets in states where they believe he has a chance to win."</p><p>Right now, Michigan appears to be a long shot bet for these groups.</p><blockquote><p>Restore Our Future’s $720,000 investment in Michigan is particularly remarkable. Mr. Romney’s campaign and his other allies seem to have all but given up on the state, even though the candidate grew up there and his father, George Romney, was once governor. The Romney campaign itself, which is running state-specific spots in those states it ostensibly considers to be the most in play, left Michigan off that list.</p><p>...But the ability of super PACs to raise and spend freely gives them flexibility to invest in some long shots. And it could also provoke the Obama campaign to spend some precious ad dollars on a state it considers relatively safe.</p></blockquote><p>It remains to be seen how the polls will play out in Michigan <a href="">after a video of Romney was released</a> of the candidate making some potentially politically damaging comments while talking at a private fundraiser earlier this year. The Romney camp quickly put together a <a href="">press conference</a> to respond to the video. Tue, 18 Sep 2012 21:13:35 +0000 Mark Brush & Steve Carmody 9127 at Romney 'Super PAC' to spend in Michigan again