del shannon en Del Shannon's "Runaway" tops charts 50 years ago this week <p>Fifty years ago this week, &quot;Runaway&quot; by Del Shannon was the Number One song in the U.S.</p><p>It was the first rock &#39;n&#39; roll song by a West Michigan-born artist to hit the top.</p><p>He was born in Grand Rapids, and grew up in nearby Coopersville.</p><p>Aside from his own hits, Del Shannon wrote Peter &amp; Gordon&#39;s hit &quot;<a href="">I Go To Pieces</a>&quot;, and he produced a 1964 recording by a young Michigan musician named Bob Seger, among other achievements.</p><p>Bonnie Raitt recorded her own version of &quot;<a href="">Runaway</a>&#39; in the 1970s.<br /><br /> Tragically, Del Shannon took his own life in 1990. He was inducted into the Rock &#39;N&#39; Roll Hall of Fame in 1999.<br /><br /> Earlier this year, ahead of the 50th anniversary of the song&#39;s recording, John Sinkevics of <a href="">The Grand Rapids Press</a> wrote about Shannon and his no. 1 song:</p><blockquote><p>Few could have guessed at the time that this pop single would propel the Coopersville native &mdash; born in Grand Rapids as Charles Westover &mdash; to national super-stardom or that it eventually would be regarded as a milestone in rock history.</p><p>&nbsp;</p></blockquote><p>Here is a link to Del Shannon on a show called &quot;The Golden Age of Rock And Roll&quot;. The song recording is from 1961, but the TV show is from 1965... as evidenced by the groovy dancers:</p><p><a href="" target="_blank"> Tue, 26 Apr 2011 14:45:52 +0000 Mike Perini 2209 at Del Shannon's "Runaway" tops charts 50 years ago this week