Maria Shriver en Former Governor Granholm comments on Schwarzenegger's love child <p>I didn&#39;t think a Michigan angle would present itself on the Arnold Schwarzenegger story, but hold on a sec... we have Twitter!</p><p>Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm suggested on her <a href="!/GovGranholm/status/70484662211977216">Twitter page</a> that people should elect more women governors:</p><blockquote><p><strong>Another guy guv admits 2 cheating on his wife. Maybe we need more women governors. Guys: keep ur pants zipped, for Pete&#39;s sake. <a class="twitter-hashtag" href="" rel="nofollow" title="#Arnold"><span class="hash">#</span><span class="hash-text">Arnold</span></a></strong></p></blockquote><p>The Arnold &quot;hash tag&quot; (#Arnold) is how Twitter users are organizing their conversation around this story - first revealed by the <a href=",0,1994592.story">Los Angeles Times</a>:</p><blockquote><p>Former California <a class="taxInlineTagLink" href="" id="PEPLT007379" title="Arnold Schwarzenegger">Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger</a> and his wife, <a class="taxInlineTagLink" href="" id="PECLB005367" title="Maria Shriver">Maria Shriver</a>, separated after she learned he had fathered a child more than a decade ago &mdash; before his first run for office &mdash; with a longtime member of their household staff.<br /><br /> Shriver moved out of the family&#39;s Brentwood mansion earlier this year, after Schwarzenegger acknowledged the paternity. The staff member worked for the family for 20 years, retiring in January.</p></blockquote><p>I imagine there will be a multitude of angles revealed on this California shocker in the coming days and weeks. Tue, 17 May 2011 18:16:54 +0000 Mark Brush 2534 at Former Governor Granholm comments on Schwarzenegger's love child