Dean Bakapoulos en Books: His Michigander unhappiness <p><em>My American Unhappiness</em>, the second novel from Dean Bakapoulos, the author of <em>Please Don&rsquo;t Come Back from the Moon</em>, is about an unhappy (surprise!) man working in the humanities in Wisconsin who makes a series of terrible decisions for the ostensible purpose of getting married and keeping his family together.</p><p>While the main action of the novel takes place in Madison, WI, the protagonist, Zeke Pappas, has a number of connections to Michigan. His time at the University of Michigan features many references to university and Ann Arbor town life including [mild spoiler alert!] Alice Lloyd Hall, the Fleetwood Diner, and beloved professor Ralph Williams&rsquo;s popular Shakespeare class.&nbsp; Mon, 06 Jun 2011 20:55:34 +0000 Michigan Radio Newsroom 2771 at Books: His Michigander unhappiness