catholic church en This is what it sounds like when a neighborhood church closes <p>St. Henry’s in Lincoln Park held its first Mass on June 3, 1923 and its last Mass on March 2, 2014.</p><p>At the end of the church’s final Mass, parish members took the most important objects and walked them out the door.</p><p>The holy oils were carried by five members of the Olive family. Jackie and Bill Balmes carried out the marriage registry (they’ve been married for 65 years). Four men, including Jim Bomia and his two grandsons, lifted the crucifix off the wall (it weighed several hundred pounds), and walked it down the aisle and out the door.</p> Mon, 07 Apr 2014 11:19:00 +0000 Kyle Norris 17119 at This is what it sounds like when a neighborhood church closes ACLU says Catholic hospitals put women's health at risk <p>The <a href="">ACLU is suing the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on behalf of a Michigan woman</a>. At the heart of the issue is whether women can get appropriate medical care at a Catholic hospital.</p><p>This is becoming more important because more secular hospitals are merging with Catholic-affiliated health care providers. By our count, of the 187 hospitals in Michigan, 26 of them are Catholic. That's 14%.</p><p><em>*Listen to our interview above.</em></p><p> Thu, 02 Jan 2014 20:36:48 +0000 Stateside Staff 15860 at ACLU says Catholic hospitals put women's health at risk How do Michigan Catholics view Pope Francis? <p></p><p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">It has been seven months since the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Jorge Mario </span>Bergoglio<span style="line-height: 1.5;"> was chosen as the new leader of the Roman Catholic Church.</span></p><p>He took the name Francis. And s<span style="line-height: 1.5;">ince then, the Argentinean pontiff has caught the world's attention, ruffling more than a few conservative feathers with his words on abortion and gay rights, attempts to reform the way the Vatican runs, and how the Catholic Church connects with the people.</span></p><p>We wondered how much impact Pope Francis is having on Catholics in Michigan, and how he’s seen by members of other religions.</p><p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">We began the conversation with Dave Willey, the Rome correspondent for the BBC.</span></p><p></p><p>Then, we hear from Jesuit priest&nbsp;<span style="line-height: 1.5;">Father Karl&nbsp;Kiser, and Baptist minister&nbsp;</span><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Ural Hill.</span></p><p> Thu, 17 Oct 2013 20:00:00 +0000 Stateside Staff 14881 at How do Michigan Catholics view Pope Francis? Group that advocates for victims of clergy sex abuse is critical of Michigan court decision <p>A Michigan Court of Appeals ruling this week is being criticized by a national group that campaigns against sexual abuse by priests. The court ruled that a west Michigan minister could not be charged for failing to report suspected child abuse.</p><p></p><p>In 2009, a woman asked the minister’s advice because she suspected her husband of abusing her daughters. But it wasn’t until another incident in 2011 that the minister convinced her to report the suspected abuse.&nbsp;&nbsp; The pastor's attorney says no initial report was made because the allegations were sketchy.</p><p></p> Sat, 24 Aug 2013 18:07:00 +0000 Steve Carmody 14125 at Group that advocates for victims of clergy sex abuse is critical of Michigan court decision Brass bell stolen from Detroit Catholic church <p>DETROIT (AP) - Thieves struck a Detroit church and swiped a brass bell that's more than 100 years old.<br><br>The bell belongs to Sweetest Heart of Mary Roman Catholic Church. Officials believe a lock was cut on a fence that surrounds the church grounds Thursday night or early Friday morning.<br> Sat, 25 May 2013 15:37:00 +0000 The Associated Press 12745 at Brass bell stolen from Detroit Catholic church Group representing gay Catholics celebrates Mass <p>DETROIT (AP) - A group representing gay Catholics celebrated Mass at Marygrove College in the face of appeals from a conservative Christian group that the Archdiocese of Detroit block the plans.</p><p>Dignity Detroit held Mass on Sunday at the Roman Catholic-sponsored school.</p><p>Members of Dignity Detroit were met by roughly 30 protesters. A smaller group held signs in support of Dignity Detroit members.</p><p>American Family Association Michigan President Gary Glenn said Thursday that he has asked Archbishop Allen Vigneron to enforce Vatican policies on homosexuality and intervene.</p><p>The 1.3 million-member archdiocese has said church institutions are subject to Catholic beliefs.</p><p>Dignity Detroit, which regularly meets at Marygrove College, celebrated its 39th anniversary on Sunday. It has held previous Masses in the school chapel. Mon, 06 May 2013 16:24:00 +0000 The Associated Press 12424 at Group representing gay Catholics celebrates Mass Saginaw’s Catholic Diocese consolidating parishes <p>Because of diminishing membership, Saginaw’s Catholic Diocese is beginning a three-year process to consolidate parishes.</p><p>The diocese includes 105 parishes spread across almost 7,000 square miles in 11 counties around Saginaw, Bay City and Midland. Mon, 21 Jan 2013 22:35:21 +0000 Michigan Radio Newsroom 10877 at Saginaw’s Catholic Diocese consolidating parishes Funeral for 1st black auxiliary bishop in Detroit <p>DETROIT (AP) - Cardinal Adam Maida and Detroit Archbishop Allen Vigneron joined hundreds of mourners at the funeral Mass for retired auxiliary Bishop Moses B. Anderson, the first black bishop to serve in the post.<br><br>The 84-year-old died last Tuesday of cardiac arrest. His funeral was Monday at the Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Detroit.<br><br>The Detroit Free Press reports that Anderson was eulogized as someone who overcame the dual prejudices of race and religion in his southern birthplace.<br> Tue, 08 Jan 2013 02:58:35 +0000 The Associated Press 10659 at Detroit retired Bishop Moses Anderson dead at 84 <p>DETROIT (AP) - Retired auxiliary Bishop Moses B. Anderson has died. The first black bishop to serve in the Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit was 84.<br><br>The archdiocese says Anderson died Tuesday of cardiac arrest.<br><br>Anderson was born in Selma, Ala., and attended Edmundite College of St. Michael's in Winooski, Vt., and St. Edmund Seminary in Burlington, Vt. He was ordained a priest in 1958.<br><br>In 1983, Detroit Cardinal Edmund Szoka ordained Anderson an auxiliary bishop.<br> Fri, 04 Jan 2013 13:20:59 +0000 The Associated Press 10618 at Detroit retired Bishop Moses Anderson dead at 84 CEO of West Michigan auto supplier sues feds over Affordable Care Act provisions <p>The leader of another Michigan business is suing the federal government over provisions of the Affordable Care Act.</p><p>John Kennedy, CEO of Kentwood-based <a href="">Autocam </a>Automotive, <a href=" v feds.PDF">filed a complaint in a federal court </a>in Grand Rapids Monday. In it, he says his company shouldn’t have to provide employees with health insurance that includes contraception coverage he considers “intrinsically wrong and gravely sinful”.</p><p>;v=vECtrmRyVEA</p><p> Mon, 08 Oct 2012 18:55:50 +0000 Lindsey Smith 9416 at Catholic business owners take aim at birth control mandate in Detroit federal court <p>A Catholic legal group says parts of President Obama’s health care law violate their clients’ religious freedom.</p><p>Representatives for the Thomas More Law Center made their arguments on behalf of business owners in a Detroit federal court Friday.</p><p>The groups charge that they shouldn’t have to provide employees with health insurance that includes contraception coverage—the so-called<a href=""> “HHS mandate”</a>-- in violation of their first amendment rights.</p> Sat, 29 Sep 2012 03:21:34 +0000 Sarah Cwiek 9295 at Catholic business owners take aim at birth control mandate in Detroit federal court Catholic nuns bringing anti-budget cutting message to Michigan this week <p>Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney isn&rsquo;t the only one with a bus tour passing through Michigan this week.</p><p>A group of Catholic nuns will be touring the state to criticize <a href="">Republican plans to cut federal spending</a>. Mon, 18 Jun 2012 05:01:01 +0000 Steve Carmody 7914 at Catholic nuns bringing anti-budget cutting message to Michigan this week Michigan Catholics rally against the proposed contraception insurance coverage mandate <p>Several hundred people gathered at the state capitol today to protest the Obama Administration&rsquo;s push to make all employer-provided health care plans carry contraception coverage. &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Similar rallies took place in Detroit, Flint, Ann Arbor and other Michigan cities.</p><p>The Catholic Church is a main opponent of the contraception mandate. Church leaders held rallies across the country today.</p> Sat, 09 Jun 2012 00:14:23 +0000 Steve Carmody 7823 at Michigan Catholics rally against the proposed contraception insurance coverage mandate Michigan legislature prayer group <p>The Roman Catholic church says a newly formed prayer caucus in the Michigan Legislature that specifically endorses Judeo-Christian tradition should open itself to officials of &quot;any faith.&quot; About 30 lawmakers and Republican Lt. Gov. Brian Calley sang &quot;God Bless America&quot; and prayed at Wednesday&#39;s launch.<br /><br />The caucus says in its founding statement that it&#39;s &quot;a bipartisan body of believers of Scriptural Truth, adhering to established Judeo-Christian principles.&quot;<br /><br />The statement has drawn criticism from the Council on American-Islamic Relations based on what the group&#39;s state director Dawud Walid says is its &quot;exclusionary language.&quot;<br /><br />&nbsp;The Michigan Catholic Conference has weighed in as well, saying it hopes that &quot;elected officials of any faith are made to feel welcome.&quot; Caucus co-founder Rep. Ken Kurtz says anyone may join. Thu, 03 May 2012 15:33:15 +0000 The Associated Press 7320 at Michigan legislature prayer group Diocese of Grand Rapids reveals strategic plan affecting 11 counties <p>The Roman Catholic Diocese of Grand Rapids has released plans to merge and close some of its churches. The diocese includes 99 churches in&nbsp;11 West Michigan counties.</p><p>&ldquo;Every Parish is in one way or the other affected,&quot;&nbsp;said&nbsp;Bishop Walter Hurley. He&nbsp;approved the restructuring plan that&#39;s been three years in the&nbsp;making. It&rsquo;s supposed to help the diocese face future challenges, like changing populations, a growing Hispanic community, and fewer clergy.</p><p>&ldquo;Right now we&rsquo;re not at a crisis point but what we do need to know as we look to the future, now what happens if we don&rsquo;t have a pastor assigned to this Parrish or this Parrish,&quot; Hurley said.&nbsp;</p><p>Hurley says a few churches in more rural areas up north have already closed. Another handful will close as priests retire. Others will merge together. Hurley says the plan is a living document and subject to change. The Diocese of Grand Rapids&nbsp;<a href="">isn&rsquo;t the only one grappling with fewer priests.</a></p><p>There&#39;s no set timeline for when many changes will take place, but they&#39;re expected over several years.</p><p>You can find&nbsp;the full approved<a href="">&nbsp;&quot;Our Faith, Our Future&quot; plan here.&nbsp;</a> Thu, 12 Apr 2012 19:44:12 +0000 Lindsey Smith 7018 at Diocese of Grand Rapids reveals strategic plan affecting 11 counties Why Michigan Catholics favor the Mormon candidate Presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are neck-and-neck in the polls in the run-up to the Michigan Republican primary on Tuesday.<p>One group that Romney appears to have an advantage with is Roman Catholic voters despite the fact that he is Mormon and Santorum Catholic.<p>The disconnect between faith and politics highlights differences among Catholics and shows that some religious voters are focusing more on other issues.<p><strong>Declaring Faith</strong><p>Santorum doesn't shy away from letting people know that he's a man of faith. Mon, 27 Feb 2012 11:22:08 +0000 Sonari Glinton 6375 at Why Michigan Catholics favor the Mormon candidate 7 states challenge birth control coverage rule, including Michigan <p>LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - Michigan and six other states are asking a federal judge to block an Obama administration mandate that requires birth control coverage for employees of religious-affiliated organizations.</p><p>The lawsuit filed at a U.S. District Court in Lincoln, Nebraska alleges that the new rule violates the First Amendment rights of groups such as the Roman Catholic church that object to the use of contraceptives.</p><p>The rule announced as part of the federal health care law has come under fire not only from Catholic bishops but also the leadership of the Southern Baptist Convention. In response to this criticism, Obama administration officials have said they will shift the requirement from the employers to health insurers themselves.</p><p>Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning says the proposed change still fails to address their concerns.</p><p>Joining the lawsuit are Nebraska, Florida, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas and South Carolina. Fri, 24 Feb 2012 16:17:15 +0000 The Associated Press 6356 at 7 states challenge birth control coverage rule, including Michigan Detroit Archdiocese releases downsizing plan <p>The Detroit Archdiocese has officially released streamlining plans reduce the number of parishes, in order to accommodate what its leaders call &ldquo;demographic changes.&rdquo;</p> <pre> This second phase of the <a href="">&ldquo;Together in Faith&rdquo; plan </a>is years in the making. </pre> <pre> Over the next four years, Archdiocese will close, merge, or cluster dozens of its 267 current parishes over the next four years.</pre> <p>&nbsp;</p><p style="margin-left:1.0in;">&middot;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 2 parishes will close.</p> Tue, 21 Feb 2012 02:54:40 +0000 Sarah Cwiek 6291 at Detroit Archdiocese releases downsizing plan In this morning's news... <p><strong>Archbishop says he&#39;ll discuss parish closing plan</strong></p><p>The leader of 1.3 million Roman Catholics in&nbsp;southeastern Michigan says he&#39;s releasing the results of a review of a proposal to merge or close dozens of parishes in the face of&nbsp;population shifts within the Archdiocese of Detroit.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>The archdiocese says that Archbishop Allen Vigneron will talk at&nbsp;4 p.m.&nbsp;today about the plans for the realignment of the 267 parishes.&nbsp;</p><p>On Dec. 1, Vigneron said the archdiocese would review a plan to close nine parishes and merge 60 others into 21. A committee of lay&nbsp;leaders helped draft that plan.&nbsp;The archdiocese says Vigneron&nbsp; completed the plan earlier this month, and its results were mailed out this week to priests and lay&nbsp;members.</p><p><strong>Santorum to speak at Kent County Republican dinner&nbsp;</strong></p><p>Rick Santorum is scheduled to bring&nbsp;his presidential campaign to West Michigan on Monday with a speech to Kent County Republicans.&nbsp;Santorum&#39;s staff said Sunday that the ex-Pennsylvania U.S. senator will address the Kent County Lincoln Day Dinner. It&#39;s set&nbsp;for 7 p.m. at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids.&nbsp;</p><p>Santorum has been surging in the Republican presidential polls nationwide and in Michigan, which holds its primary Feb. 28.&nbsp;A Feb. 11-13 poll of 500 likely Michigan GOP primary voters found 34 percent backing Santorum and 30 percent backing Michigan native and ex-Massachusetts Gov. Mott Romney.&nbsp;The 4 percentage point difference is within the 4.4 point margin&nbsp;of sampling error. Glengariff Group Inc. did the polling for The&nbsp;Detroit News, WDIV-TV and WZZM-TV.</p><p><strong>Snyder to sign Michigan road commission bills</strong></p><p>Legislation that will allow county boards of commissioners to take over duties of county road commissions is expected to be signed by Gov. Rick Snyder.&nbsp;Snyder is scheduled to sign the legislation Tuesday at the state<br />Capitol.&nbsp;</p><p>The bills were approved by the Michigan Legislature earlier this month.&nbsp;Supporters say the measures would save money by eliminating&nbsp;duplicative administrative costs.&nbsp;Appointed county road commissions could be dissolved by a&nbsp;majority vote of a county&#39;s board of commissioners.</p><p>Voters would&nbsp;have the final decision on whether to dissolve road commissions in&nbsp;counties where road commissioners are elected.&nbsp;Some critics say a vote of the people should be required in all&nbsp;counties because each road commission was created by such a vote,<br />not just those with elected commissioners. Mon, 20 Feb 2012 12:44:44 +0000 Vincent Duffy 6281 at In this morning's news... Detroit Catholics: Archdiocese plans could "abandon" city <p>Last week, the Detroit Archdiocese said it will<a href=""> likely close nine churches and consolidate dozens more</a> starting next year.</p><p>The six-county Detroit Archdiocese, like many across the country, is dealing with a priest shortage and declining membership in many churches.</p> Mon, 05 Dec 2011 16:40:32 +0000 Sarah Cwiek 5248 at