Ferndale http://michiganradio.org en What does the future look like for marijuana use in Michigan? http://michiganradio.org/post/what-does-future-look-marijuana-use-michigan <p>It's been less than a week since voters in three very different Michigan cities all approved ballot initiatives allowing small amounts of marijuana for personal use on private property.</p><p>And that has pro-marijuana advocates hoping those votes will boost pressure on state lawmakers to legalize or decriminalize pot.</p><p>Michigan Public Radio Network's Lansing correspondent Jake Neher joined us today to give an overview of what efforts are underway.</p><p><em>Listen to the full interview above.</em></p><p> Mon, 11 Nov 2013 21:46:29 +0000 Stateside Staff 15222 at http://michiganradio.org What does the future look like for marijuana use in Michigan? Michigan Radio's Steve Carmody talks about votes to decriminalize marijuana http://michiganradio.org/post/michigan-radios-steve-carmody-talks-about-votes-decriminalize-marijuana <p>Marijuana was on the ballot on Lansing, Jackson and Ferndale, and voters in all three cities said "yes" to decriminalizing pot.</p><p>Michigan Radio’s Steve Carmody joined us today to talk about the impact of this vote.</p><p><em>Listen to the full interview above.</em></p><p> Wed, 06 Nov 2013 21:38:56 +0000 Stateside Staff 15163 at http://michiganradio.org Michigan Radio's Steve Carmody talks about votes to decriminalize marijuana Voters in three more Michigan cities pass marijuana decriminalization proposals http://michiganradio.org/post/voters-three-more-michigan-cities-pass-marijuana-decriminalization-proposals <p>Voters in three more Michigan cities approved ballot questions today decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana.</p><p>Ballot proposals in Lansing, Jackson and Ferndale each passed with more than 60% of the vote.</p><p>“This is an historic night ... a landslide by all considerations,” says Jeff Hank, who headed Lansing’s pro-marijuana campaign. “It sends a message not only to our local politicians, but politicians at the state level that it’s time to do something.”</p> Wed, 06 Nov 2013 04:21:51 +0000 Steve Carmody 15152 at http://michiganradio.org Voters in three more Michigan cities pass marijuana decriminalization proposals Three Michigan cities will vote on marijuana decriminalization ballot questions next week http://michiganradio.org/post/three-michigan-cities-will-vote-marijuana-decriminalization-ballot-questions-next-week <p>On Tuesday, voters in <a href="http://www.dailytribune.com/government-and-politics/20131030/ferndale-expects-large-voter-turnout-on-mayors-race-marijuana-proposal">Jackson</a>, <a href="http://www.dailytribune.com/government-and-politics/20131030/ferndale-expects-large-voter-turnout-on-mayors-race-marijuana-proposal">Ferndale</a> and <a href="http://www.lansingstatejournal.com/article/20131026/OPINION01/310260005/Editorial-Marijuana-vote-mostly-symbolic">Lansing</a> will decide if they want their police departments to focus less on busting people for small amounts of marijuana.</p><p>The results should tell us something about whether Michigan is <a href="https://today.yougov.com/news/2013/10/21/poll-results-marijuana/">getting more comfortable with pot.&nbsp;</a><a href="http://www.npr.org/blogs/itsallpolitics/2013/10/22/239847084/public-support-for-marijuana-legalization-hits-record-high">&nbsp;</a></p><p>In Jackson, <a href="http://norml.org/mi/item/jackson-county-mi-norml">Steve Sharpe </a>says volunteers have been handing out fliers and signs, talking with prospective voters and encouraging supporters to get out and vote. &nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>He admits he’s been waiting for <a href="http://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/drugfacts/marijuana">opposition </a>that so far hasn’t appeared.</p><p>“No one’s come to me and complained about this,” says Sharpe, who adds when he’s asked if he’s surprised by the lack of a sizable opposition, “I am totally surprised.”</p><p> Fri, 01 Nov 2013 13:01:00 +0000 Steve Carmody 15069 at http://michiganradio.org Three Michigan cities will vote on marijuana decriminalization ballot questions next week Commentary: The education dilemma http://michiganradio.org/post/commentary-education-dilemma <p>Michigan Radio does an interesting occasional series called Issues and Ale, in which those who know something about a particular public policy get together with citizens in a relaxed setting to discuss things that really matter. Last night we held one on “The Future of Public Education” in an improv theatre in the city of Ferndale, which I thought was an excellent choice.</p><p>Ferndale is an older, working-class Detroit suburb which has been a distinct community since the 1920s. Times are not what were, and the city has shrunk over the years to about 20,000 people. Ferndale has become somewhat well-known over the last two decades for its welcoming of the gay and LGBT communities, who have done much to revitalize neighborhoods and the city’s downtown.</p><p>But Ferndale also has a dedicated group of parents very concerned with education, their kids’ futures, and want to make sure their children are getting what they need to succeed.</p><p> Wed, 27 Mar 2013 13:52:30 +0000 Jack Lessenberry 11884 at http://michiganradio.org Commentary: The education dilemma Metro Detroit LGBT center hosts 100-day "rolling" hunger strike http://michiganradio.org/post/metro-detroit-lgbt-center-hosts-100-day-rolling-hunger-strike <p>Yesterday, <span class="st">Affirmations Lesbian/Gay Community Center</span> in Ferndale began what they call a &quot;rolling&quot; hunger strike that will last until the general election in November.</p><p>Organizers say the 100-day event protests the &quot;extreme anti-equality environment in Michigan&quot; of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender population.</p> Tue, 31 Jul 2012 16:42:03 +0000 Michigan Radio Newsroom 8490 at http://michiganradio.org Metro Detroit LGBT center hosts 100-day "rolling" hunger strike Commentary: Grass-roots health care http://michiganradio.org/post/commentary-grass-roots-health-care <p><font color="#000000" face="Arial" id="role_document" size="2"><font size="4"><font size="4"><font size="4">Nobody would dispute that health care is one of the biggest issues facing this nation. And virtually everyone, regardless of their politics, is waiting for the U.S. Supreme Court.</font></font></font></font></p> Fri, 11 May 2012 14:54:55 +0000 Jack Lessenberry 7427 at http://michiganradio.org Commentary: Grass-roots health care Power outages plague Oakland County communities http://michiganradio.org/post/power-outages-plague-oakland-county-communities <p>DTE Energy says about <a href="http://detnews.com/article/20110906/SCHOOLS/109060371/Schools-among-12-000-still-without-power-from-Saturday-storms">12,000 customers were still without power on Tuesday</a>, after Saturday&rsquo;s strong storms.&nbsp; Many were clustered in southeast Oakland County, especially in the Detroit suburbs of Ferndale and Oak Park.</p><p>The utility had restored power to about 90% &nbsp;of its customers who saw it knocked out during the weekend storms.</p> Wed, 07 Sep 2011 01:57:21 +0000 Sarah Cwiek 4049 at http://michiganradio.org