Marathon Petroleum en You need to see these photos of the pet coke piles in Detroit <p></p><p></p><p>Michigan Radio has had <a href="">several reports on the petroleum coke piles</a> along the Detroit River in southwest Detroit.</p><p>But to better visualize the situation, you should check out <a href="">these stunning photographs</a>.</p><p>James Fassinger, a freelance photojournalist, reported on the petroleum coke piles in “The human cost of Detroit’s petroleum Koch piles” on his website, <a href="">Stillscenes</a>.</p> Wed, 12 Jun 2013 16:39:44 +0000 Michigan Radio Newsroom 13013 at You need to see these photos of the pet coke piles in Detroit Lots of unknowns as petroleum coke piles up along Detroit River <p><a href="">Large piles of petroleum coke along the Detroit River</a> have sparked concern from citizens and environmental groups.</p><p>The “petcoke” is a byproduct of the crude oil refinement process. This petcoke comes from the nearby Marathon oil refinery.</p><p>It’s really started piling up on two sites along the Detroit River only recently, as the nearby Marathon oil refinery has expanded to process more crude oil from the Alberta tar sands.</p> Fri, 15 Mar 2013 19:13:26 +0000 Sarah Cwiek 11715 at Marathon offers to buy out homeowners <p>Michigan&rsquo;s only oil refinery is offering to buy out homeowners near its Detroit facility as it wraps up a major expansion project. The company is offering a minimum of $40,000, plus half a house&rsquo;s appraised value. There&rsquo;s also money to help people with moving expenses, and some other bonuses. Thu, 03 Nov 2011 01:46:22 +0000 Sarah Hulett 4822 at Marathon offers to buy out homeowners