Detroit city charter en Detroit town hall meeting ends abruptly amidst outbursts <p>A community meeting with Detroit Mayor Dave Bing came to an <a href="">abrupt and early end last night</a>.</p><p>Bing and members of his administration were booed and heckled offstage after about 20 minutes.</p><p>Before the meeting broke down, Bing took questions from a few people. Most were angry questions, about issues ranging from the city’s lagging bus system, to a proposal to let the state lease Belle Isle.</p> Fri, 28 Sep 2012 03:34:37 +0000 Sarah Cwiek 9280 at Detroit Council ignores Snyder, approves proposed charter amendments for the ballot <p>Despite opposition from Governor Snyder, the Detroit City Council <a href="">voted to put four proposed charter amendments on the November ballot</a>.</p><p>Detroit and Lansing went through a long, contentious process before the two sides reached a consent agreement to keep the city from going broke.</p><p>But that agreement has faced resistance from some Council members.</p> Fri, 07 Sep 2012 23:59:40 +0000 Sarah Cwiek 9000 at Drawing district lines for a changed Detroit City Council <p>Detroit officials are fast-tracking a process to<a href="|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE"> change the way Council members represent the city.</a></p><p>Detroit voters approved a plan in November to elect seven of nine City Council members by district, when they approved a new city charter. Currently, all nine members represent the city at-large.</p> Tue, 24 Jan 2012 00:57:43 +0000 Sarah Cwiek 5908 at Drawing district lines for a changed Detroit City Council Election Results: Nov. 2011 <p><strong>Legislative Recall</strong></p><p>State Representative <a href="">Paul Scott</a> is the first Michigan lawmaker since 1983 to be <a href="">recalled</a>. Scott was targeted by the <a href="">Michigan Education Association</a> for his support of changes to the state&#39;s <a href="">teacher tenure law</a> and <a href="">budget cuts to education funding</a>. <em>&ldquo;The recall election is widely seen as an early measure of voters&rsquo; discontent with what Scott, Governor <a href="">Rick Snyder</a>, and Republicans in Lansing have been up to,&rdquo; </em>Rick Pluta <a href="">explains</a>.</p><p><strong>Detroit City Charter</strong></p><p>Detroit voters <a href="">overwhelmingly approved a new city charter</a>. The charter changes the structure of the Detroit City Council by creating a new system where the majority of Council members are elected by district. The charter also creates a new Office of the Inspector General to investigate corruption, fraud, and waste. An elected charter commission had spent the past two years putting together the proposal.</p><p><strong>Flint Mayoral Race</strong></p><p>Flint Mayor <a href="">Dayne Walling</a> won <a href="">re-election last night</a>.&nbsp;But it may end up being a temporary victory, Steve Carmody reports:</p><blockquote><p>Dayne Walling celebrated his win last night with jubilant supporters.&nbsp;But they all knew that earlier in the day,&nbsp;Governor Snyder accepted a report&nbsp;that said the city of Flint is in a financial emergency.&nbsp;&nbsp; The governor is <a href="">expected to appoint an emergency manager</a> to run the city. Flint officials could appeal the decision.&nbsp;But Walling says he&rsquo;s prepared to work with a manager appointed by the governor.&nbsp;</p></blockquote><p><strong>Benton Harbor</strong> <strong>Mayoral Race</strong></p><p>In <a href="">Benton Harbor</a>, City Commissioner James Hightower narrowly beat incumbent Mayor Wilce Cooke. <em>&ldquo;Cooke is likely to challenge the results, which came in 681 to 673, a difference of 8 votes. The state appointed an emergency manger to take over the city&rsquo;s finances during Cooke&rsquo;s second term as mayor,&rdquo;</em> Lindsey Smith <a href="">reports</a>.</p><p><strong>Jackson Mayoral Race</strong></p><p>In <a href="">Jackson</a>, Democrat Martin Griffin will <a href="">become the city&rsquo;s next mayor</a> after defeating incumbent Mayor Karen Dunigan. Griffin has had the job before, he was Jackson&#39;s mayor from 1995-2006.</p><p><strong>Lansing Millage</strong></p><p>Lansing residents have <a href="">voted to increase their taxes</a> to pay for public safety. The Lansing State Journal <a href="">reports</a> that the millage would generate more than $7 million in the first year for police, fire services, and road maintenance.</p><p><strong>Ann Arbor Millage and City Council</strong></p><p>In Ann Arbor, voters <a href="">approved a tax increase</a> to pay for future sidewalk repairs and &nbsp;renewed the city&rsquo;s street millage for another five years. The new sidewalk millage will cost the average homeowner in Ann Arbor about $13 a year. Voters also returned four incumbents to City Council. However, in Ward 2, Independent Jane Lumm beat incumbent Stephen Rapundalo. Wed, 09 Nov 2011 10:22:01 +0000 Zoe Clark 4900 at Election Results: Nov. 2011