detroit transit en Study finds Metro Detroit pedestrians face higher risk <p><a href="">A new study suggests</a> that Detroit is the most dangerous city in the Midwest for pedestrians.</p><p>The study comes from the National Complete Streets Coalition, a non-profit that advocates modifying streetscapes to accommodate more than cars.</p><p>It calculated a “Pedestrian Danger Index” that ranked Detroit the 11<sup>th</sup> most-dangerous metro area in the country—and the most dangerous outside the South.</p> Mon, 26 May 2014 21:55:08 +0000 Sarah Cwiek 17755 at Study finds Metro Detroit pedestrians face higher risk The kids on the bus pick the bus route in Detroit <p>This summer, kids in Southwest Detroit had a new way to get around.&nbsp;</p><p>In a story by <a href="">Model D</a>, the Youth Transit Alliance, which is funded by the <a href="">Skillman Foundation</a>, became the solution for a lack of adequate and safe transportation for kids in the southwest part of the city.&nbsp;</p><p>The <a href="">YTA&nbsp;contracted a private company</a>, the Detroit Bus Company, to pick up kids and take them to activities outside of school.&nbsp;</p><p>Before the Youth Transit Alliance existed only 40% of youth in southwest Detroit participated in things outside of school, according to Terry Whitfield. Whitfield works for the Partnerships for Youth Initiative, an organization which helps different Detroit non-profits collaborate and share resources.&nbsp;</p><p> Tue, 20 Aug 2013 19:04:19 +0000 Michigan Radio Newsroom 14072 at The kids on the bus pick the bus route in Detroit Detroit prepares to fight for federal bus funds <p></p><p>A vote this Friday could determine how federal transit money is split between Detroit and its suburbs—and Detroit officials aren’t at all happy with what’s being proposed.</p><p>Right now, <a href="">that federal money is divided based on ridership</a>. So the Detroit Department of Transportation gets about 65% of the funding, while the suburban system—known as SMART—gets 35%.</p> Thu, 25 Apr 2013 02:07:47 +0000 Sarah Cwiek 12280 at Detroit prepares to fight for federal bus funds State Senate approves regional transit authority for southeast Michigan <p>Legislation to create a regional transit authority for southeast Michigan won approval from the state Senate Tuesday.</p><p>It passed the Senate by ten votes. A number of opponents have voiced concerns about how the authority would be governed, and the amount of power it would have.</p><p>Republican state Senator Tom Casperson sponsored the legislation.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>“They were valid concerns. But I think there needs to be a regional transit authority set up, in my opinion, based on what I’ve seen down in Detroit. And I think there was plenty of support for it. You saw it today, and hopefully we see the same thing over in the House,” Casperson said.</p><p>Casperson is from the Upper Peninsula, but says improving transit in southeast Michigan is essential to the state’s economic recovery.</p><p>Democratic state Senator Coleman Young II was the only member from Detroit to vote against the measure. He said he supports creating a regional transit authority, but not one with the power to take away property.</p><p>“I think that when you have appointees making decisions about whether or not grandma’s going to keep her house or not, I think that’s wrong,” said Young.</p><p>The legislation now goes to the state House. Tue, 27 Nov 2012 22:21:23 +0000 Jake Neher 10090 at State Senate approves regional transit authority for southeast Michigan Detroit Bus Company revs up for cinco de mayo "test run" <p>Starting this weekend, there&rsquo;s a new transit option for people looking to get around downtown Detroit.</p><p>A new, private bus company is looking to fill in some of the gaps in Detroit&rsquo;s battered transit system.</p><p>The <a href="">Detroit Bus Company will run a route</a> linking the city&rsquo;s central neighborhoods and Southwest Detroit on Saturday. Historically, that relatively small area hasn&rsquo;t been linked very well by traditional public transit.</p> Sat, 05 May 2012 02:07:31 +0000 Sarah Cwiek 7353 at Detroit Bus Company revs up for cinco de mayo "test run" Extension a good sign for Detroit light rail plans <p>Transit advocates in Detroit are happy that a proposal for light rail along Woodward Avenue is still alive.</p><p>Federal, state, and city officials had nixed the plan late last year in favor of a Bus Rapid Transit system.</p><p>But after pushback from the line&rsquo;s private backers, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood gave them a deadline to put forth a &ldquo;feasible&rdquo; plan.</p><p>This week, LaHood extended that deadline about a month. He also <a href="">told The Detroit News</a> that he&#39;s &quot;still optimistic&quot; about the project.</p><p>Megan Owens, director of the transit advocacy group Transportation Riders United, says the current proposal is for a shortened line serving Detroit&rsquo;s downtown&mdash;but that&rsquo;s ok.</p><p>&ldquo;Light rail, or streetcars, can not only provide a great transit option for getting around the downtown-Midtown-New Center areas--but can also be a great way to boost re-development in those communities,&rdquo; Owens said.</p><p>The extension also gives state lawmakers time to move bills to form a regional transit authority in southeast Michigan.</p><p>Such an authority is a key condition for federal transit aid to Metro Detroit. Thu, 19 Apr 2012 22:39:56 +0000 Sarah Cwiek 7122 at Extension a good sign for Detroit light rail plans