Cavalry Study en ArtPrize announces plans for 2011 <p><a href="">ArtPrize's</a> organizers are announcing plans for the 3rd annual art competition next year in Grand Rapids.&nbsp; The event will run in 2011 from September 21st through October 9th.</p><p>The Associated Press reports:</p><blockquote><p>Organizers say they again expect top 10 prizes totaling $449,000 will be awarded. The public picks winners online and by cell phone in "American Idol"-style voting.</p></blockquote><p><a href="">This year's ArtPrize</a> was a 19-day event with the winner, <a href="">Chris LaPorte of Grand Rapids</a>, receiving the top prize of $250,000. Wed, 01 Dec 2010 16:20:18 +0000 Zoe Clark 412 at ArtPrize announces plans for 2011