Aretha Franklin en Artpod: Aretha Franklin is looking for next big opera star <p>We kick of the first <a href="">Artpod </a>of 2012 with an appearance by none other than the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin.</p><p>I interviewed Franklin last month about her <a href="">search for the next great opera star</a>. That&#39;s right, opera star. Franklin wants to get in on the singing contest circuit, and she&#39;s turning her searchlight on the world of classical music.</p> Thu, 05 Jan 2012 02:48:41 +0000 Jennifer Guerra 5645 at Artpod: Aretha Franklin is looking for next big opera star Attn young, classical singers: Aretha Franklin wants to hear from you <p>As&nbsp;we&nbsp;<a href="">reported&nbsp;earlier this week</a>,&nbsp;Aretha Franklin is searching for the next great opera singer. If you&#39;re 18-40 years old and classically trained, the Queen of Soul wants to hear from you:</p><p>&quot;Some of the older classical singers like Jessye Norman, and Leontyne [Price],&nbsp;Barbara Hendricks...they are retiring, they&rsquo;re not singing anymore, and I&rsquo;d like to see some younger singers come along and take their place,&quot; explains Franklin.</p> Fri, 09 Dec 2011 17:29:23 +0000 Jennifer Guerra 5320 at Attn young, classical singers: Aretha Franklin wants to hear from you Aretha Franklin wants to find the next great opera star <p>Calling all opera singers: <a href="">Aretha Franklin</a> wants to hear from you.</p><p>The Queen of Soul says she wants to find the next <a href="">Jessye Norman</a> or <a href="">Barbara Hendricks</a>:</p><p>&quot;Some of the older classical singers have retired and they&rsquo;re not singing anymore, and I&rsquo;d like to see some younger singers come along and take their place.&quot;</p> Mon, 05 Dec 2011 21:55:40 +0000 Jennifer Guerra 5256 at Aretha Franklin wants to find the next great opera star Aretha Franklin plans to sing during Obama's Detroit visit <p>President Obama will be in Detroit Monday, September 5 to speak at the city&#39;s annual Labor Day festivities.</p><p>Aretha Franklin will sing at the event which will be free and open to the public.</p><p>More from the <a href="">Detroit Free Press</a>:</p><blockquote><p>The event will be held at General Motor&rsquo;s parking lot adjacent to the Renaissance Center on Atwater Street.</p><p>The gates will open at 10 a.m. for Obama&rsquo;s speech, which is expected to begin at 1:15 p.m. The public should expect to go through airport-like<span style="text-decoration: underline;"> </span>security and should bring as few personal items as possible. No bags, sharp objects, chairs, umbrellas, liquids or signs will be allowed inside the speech area. Thu, 01 Sep 2011 19:32:35 +0000 Mark Brush 3998 at Aretha Franklin plans to sing during Obama's Detroit visit Aretha Franklin plans hometown concert <p>Last December, there was a lot of speculation about Aretha Franklin&#39;s health after she went into a hospital for undisclosed reasons. People held a <a href="">prayer vigil</a>, and there was speculation the soul singer had <a href="">cancer</a>.</p><p>Now she&#39;s back. Last February the <a href="">AP reported</a> she had &quot;revamped her diet, giving up her beloved chitterlings, pigs&#39; feet and ham hocks in favor of a Whole Foods-type diet.&quot;</p><p>She&#39;s getting ready to release a new album and is planning a hometown concert.</p><p>From the Associated Press:</p><blockquote><p>Almost five months after undergoing serious surgery, hall of fame singer Aretha Franklin is coming out with a new album and has scheduled a hometown concert.</p><p>The 69-year-old Queen of Soul will play DTE Energy Music Theatre on Aug. 25. It&#39;s in Clarkston, north of her native Detroit.</p><p>And Franklin&#39;s new CD, &quot;Aretha: A Woman Falling Out of Love,&quot; will be released in Wal-Mart stores on Tuesday.</p><p>The music legend underwent surgery in early December in Detroit for an undisclosed ailment. Since then, she&#39;s lost more than 80 pounds. Franklin says the weight loss was because of a change in diet and exercise.</p><p>She canceled several performances last year because of illness, but her show at DTE is one of a handful she has booked for this spring and summer. Wed, 27 Apr 2011 13:25:02 +0000 Mark Brush 2241 at Aretha Franklin plans hometown concert Aretha Franklin planning a return to the concert stage <p>The Queen of Soul&#39;s health has been of much concern of late.&nbsp;&nbsp; But, after making a pre-taped appearence on the Grammy Awards, <a href="">Aretha Franklin&#39;s </a>health looked much improved.</p><p>The Associated Press reports Franklin will return to the concert stage this Spring:</p> Wed, 16 Feb 2011 21:51:16 +0000 Steve Carmody 1315 at Aretha Franklin planning a return to the concert stage In this morning's news... <p><strong>Lt. Governor talks more about the coming budget</strong></p><p>He didn't liken the proposed state budget to an <a href="">atomic bomb</a> this time around, but Lt. Governor Brian Calley continues to talk about the big changes Governor Snyder is seeking with his budget proposal.</p><p>The Snyder Administration will unveil the budget proposal to the State Legislature this Thursday. <a href="">The Muskegon Chronicle</a> wrote about Calley's remarks made on Saturday:</p><blockquote><div>Michigan Lt. Gov. Brian Calley told the Muskegon County Republican Party that Gov. Rick Snyder's first proposed budget to be unveiled Thursday to state legislators will make good on the promise of “shared sacrifice” and a taxing system that is “simple, fair and efficient.”<br> He said the first weeks of the Snyder administration has laid the groundwork for the most extensive change in public policies this state has seen in generations.</div></blockquote><p><strong>Detroit Symphony Orchestra talks continue</strong></p><p>The DSO is trying to avoid a cancelation of its entire season with stepped up talks between management and the striking musicians. Both sides were negotiating over the weekend, the <a href="">Detroit News</a> reports:</p><blockquote><p>While both sides were tight-lipped Sunday, musicians spokesman Haden McKay did confirm late this afternoon that talks that began Friday to end the work stoppage and avert cancellation of the rest of the 2010-11 season were still ongoing.</p><p>Friday and Saturday's talks were indirect, with each side making its case to an unnamed intermediary, who then communicated it to the other party in a form of shuttle diplomacy. McKay did not specify whether today's talks were face-to-face or indirect.</p></blockquote><div style="overflow: hidden; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); background-color: transparent; text-align: left; text-decoration: none; border: medium none;"><p><strong>Aretha Franklin Honored</strong></p><p>Aretha Franklin was honored last evening at the 53rd Grammy Awards. The <a href="">Detroit News</a> writes:</p><blockquote><p>A noticeably slimmer Aretha Franklin appeared in a videotaped message at the 53rd Grammy Awards, following a tribute to the singer that kicked off today's awards show. She thanked fans for their support since her "hospitalization" but didn't get into any specifics of her illness, and she apologized for not being at the ceremony in person. "Next year, OK?" she said.</p></blockquote><p>A video of what some of the artists think of Aretha:</p><p>;feature=fvst Mon, 14 Feb 2011 12:19:36 +0000 Mark Brush 1272 at U of M Music Prof up for 5 Grammy Awards <p>Michigan artists will be well-represented at the <a href="">53rd annual Grammy Awards</a> on Sunday, Feb. 13. Here's a brief list:</p><ul><li>Detroit rap star <a href="">Eminem</a> has been nominated for a record <a href="">10 Grammy Awards</a> this year, including Album of the Year and Song of the Year.</li></ul><ul><li><a href="">Jennifer Hudson</a>, <a href="">Christina Aguilera</a> and others will pay musical tribute to the Queen of Soul, <a href="">Aretha Franklin</a>.</li></ul><ul><li><a href="">University of Michigan</a> professor <a href=";lname=daugherty&amp;fname=michael">Michael Daugherty </a>has been nominated for five Grammy Awards, including Best Classical Contemporary Composition for his piece "<a href="">Deus ex Machina.</a>"</li></ul><ul><li>Conductor and recent Michigan transplant, <a href="">John McLaughlin Williams</a>, is also <a href="">nominated</a> for a Grammy Award.&nbsp;</li></ul><ul><li><a href="">Michigan State University</a> ethnomusicology professor <a href="">Isaac Kalumbu</a>&nbsp;is <a href="">nominated</a> for a Grammy for best reggae album.&nbsp; Fri, 11 Feb 2011 21:19:10 +0000 Jennifer Guerra 1268 at U of M Music Prof up for 5 Grammy Awards Numerous reports say Aretha Franklin has cancer <p><a href="">Several</a> <a href=",-fox-2-confirms">Detroit</a> <a href="">media</a> outlets are reporting that soul legend <a href="">Aretha Franklin</a> has pancreatic cancer.<a href=""> Michigan Radio</a> contacted Franklin's publicist for confirmation, but has yet to hear back.</p><p>The <a href="">National Enquirer</a> was the first to report the Queen of Soul's illness. <a href=",-fox-2-confirms">Fox2 Detroit</a> followed with a similar story:</p><blockquote><p>"A relative of <strong>Aretha Franklin</strong> tells reporter Al Allen that the icon has cancer.&nbsp; Another relative says the family is very concerned. At this time Franklin's family says she is doing "OK", but they are asking for the continued prayers and thoughts from the community."</p></blockquote><p>Aretha Franklin underwent surgery in Detroit last Thursday. Neither she nor her publicist would say what kind of surgery Franklin was going in for or the nature of the illness. Wed, 08 Dec 2010 21:26:11 +0000 Jennifer Guerra 513 at Numerous reports say Aretha Franklin has cancer A prayer vigil for Aretha Franklin <p>The <a href="">Detroit Free Press</a> reports that a prayer vigil was held for Aretha Franklin in downtown Detroit last night.</p><p>Franklin canceled all her concerts through May and is undergoing a "medical procedure."</p><p>From the Freep:</p> Thu, 02 Dec 2010 15:30:29 +0000 Mark Brush 432 at A prayer vigil for Aretha Franklin