dependability en Vehicles hit all-time dependability record <p>J.D. Power reports that average vehicle dependability was better than any year since the study began in 1989.</p><p>The study looks at problems reported for three-year-old vehicles.&nbsp; So, the 2013 study looks at vehicles purchased in 2010.</p><p>On average, there were 126 problems reported for every 100 vehicles - or, put another way, not much more than one problem per vehicle.</p><p>Lexus once again led the pack, improving from 86 problems per 100 last year, to 71 this year.</p><p>Porsche followed with 94, and Lincoln was third best, with 112.</p> Wed, 13 Feb 2013 22:38:05 +0000 Tracy Samilton 11224 at Vehicles hit all-time dependability record