Compuware en The first CEO to bring a company back to Detroit <p></p><p>These days everybody in Detroit is in awe of Dan Gilbert, the Quicken Loans czar who moved his operations from the suburbs to downtown, and has been buying up millions of square feet of city real estate. Some have joked that the cure for Detroit’s problems is just to get through bankruptcy and sell him the rest.</p><p>But we sometimes forget that before there was Dan, there was Pete. Peter Karmanos Jr, that is. Ten years ago, he was the first Detroit-area CEO in modern history to move a major corporation downtown -- Compuware, which he founded with two other guys forty years ago, and built into a powerhouse.</p><p> Tue, 24 Sep 2013 14:54:56 +0000 Jack Lessenberry 14558 at The first CEO to bring a company back to Detroit Challenge Detroit program combats Michigan 'brain drain' <p>There’s been a lot of attention paid to the problem of Michigan’s brain drain, how to keep college graduates in Michigan, applying their talents and energies to issues and challenges that are here at home instead of heading out of state.</p><p>We discovered an intriguing program offering a strategy to keep tomorrow’s leaders in the state. It’s called <a href="">Challenge Detroit</a>. It’s a leadership and professional development program that’s currently in its first year.</p><p>Leigh Ann Ulrey was one of the 30 graduates chosen out of hundreds of applicants to be part of the 2012-2013 Challenge Detroit program. She is a culture community and diversity specialist at Compuware in downtown Detroit. She joined us today from the Compuware headquarters.</p><p><i>Listen to the full interview above.</i></p><p> Wed, 31 Jul 2013 22:06:28 +0000 Stateside Staff 13779 at Challenge Detroit program combats Michigan 'brain drain' Compuware cutting costs, announces 160 layoffs <p>Compuware's headquarters is the One Campus Martius building in downtown Detroit.</p><p><a href="|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE">JC Reindl of the Detroit Free Press</a> reports this morning that the company plans to lay off 160 employees "and close or shrink" 16 offices around the world. Those layoffs will affect workers in Detroit:</p><blockquote><p>Sources told the Free Press this week that several executive-level workers at the firm’s downtown Detroit headquarters lost their jobs, including a top official with a total compensation package last year that exceeded $1 million.</p><p>Compuware has yet to confirm or deny reports that it is actively seeking a buyer. In January the company’s board rejected an unsolicited $2.3-billion, $11-per-share offer from a New York hedge fund as too low.</p></blockquote><p>Reindl reports the company employed close to 2,000 people in 2012 at its downtown headquarters. Fri, 01 Mar 2013 16:47:54 +0000 Mark Brush 11488 at Compuware cutting costs, announces 160 layoffs