Joseph Weekley en Deliberations continue today in Aiyana Stanley-Jones case <div class="story"><div id="Main"><p>DETROIT (AP) — A jury has resumed deliberations in the trial of a Detroit police officer blamed for the fatal shooting of a 7-year-old girl.</p><p>The jury met for about five hours Friday before going home for the weekend. Deliberations started again Monday around 9:30 a.m. in Wayne County court.</p><p>Joseph Weekley is charged with involuntary manslaughter, a felony.</p><p>Aiyana Stanley-Jones was shot in the head while she slept on a couch near the front door of a Detroit home. Weekley was leading a pack of officers into the home to search for a murder suspect in 2010.</p><p>Weekley claims he accidentally pulled the trigger when Aiyana's grandmother struck his gun. Mertilla Jones denies any interference.</p><p>The jury could acquit Weekley or convict him of a lesser crime. Mon, 17 Jun 2013 15:34:12 +0000 The Associated Press 13079 at Deliberations continue today in Aiyana Stanley-Jones case