Barnes & Noble en Borders Books posts big 3rd quarter loss <p><a href="">Borders Books</a> reported the company lost $74 million dollars in the 3rd quarter. That's about twice as much as Borders lost in the 3rd quarter of 2009. The Ann Arbor based book seller continues to struggle in a competitive market.</p><p>In a written statement, Borders Group CEO Mike Edwards conceded his company's struggles:</p> Thu, 09 Dec 2010 21:26:25 +0000 535 at Borders Books posts big 3rd quarter loss Borders buying Barnes & Noble? "Bonkers" <p><strong>Update: 2:12pm:</strong></p><p>Since we posted this story we found this analysis piece by Sarah Weinman of <a href="">Daily Finance News</a>. She also calls the notion that Borders Books could buy Barnes &amp; Noble a story that has &quot;entertainment value&quot; not much more. Weinman says of Borders Books:</p><blockquote><p>&quot;If a merger was its plan for saving itself, expect B&amp;N&#39;s rejection of the deal to accelerate its downward spiral -- an end that, sadly for the publishing industry, is likely to come sooner rather than later.&quot;</p></blockquote><p> Mon, 06 Dec 2010 19:12:10 +0000 Mark Brush & Mark Brush 471 at Borders buying Barnes & Noble? "Bonkers"