new yorker en Cartoon from The New Yorker hits close to home <p>If you're a habitual reader of <a href="">The New Yorker</a> magazine or you just browse the latest issue's cartoons then you may have noticed a recent cartoon that made you think of home... home that is, if you live in the Ann Arbor or metro-Detroit areas.</p><p>As <a href=""></a> puts it:</p><blockquote><p>Without spoiling the joke, we'll just say the cartoon —&nbsp;by Ann Arbor's <strong><a href="">Dave Coverly</a></strong> — makes reference to shopping malls — and specifically, several we're very familiar with, including <a href="">Briarwood Mall</a>, <a href="">Westgate Plaza</a> and <a href=";rls=en-us&amp;q=jackson+plaza+ann+arbor&amp;oe=UTF-8&amp;um=1&amp;ie=UTF-8&amp;hq=&amp;hnear=Jackson+Plaza,+Ann+Arbor,+MI+48103&amp;gl=us&amp;ei=ZlD5TJKZKMKVnAew1JCICQ&amp;sa=X&amp;oi=geocode_result&amp;ct=title&amp;resnum=1&amp;ved=0CBMQ8gEwAA">Jackson Plaza</a>. Troy's Somerset Mall and Oakland Mall also get a shout-out.</p></blockquote><p>You can see the cartoon at The New Yorker's <a href="">website</a>. Mon, 06 Dec 2010 16:32:11 +0000 Zoe Clark 473 at Cartoon from The New Yorker hits close to home