Tamar Charney

Program Director

Tamar joined Michigan Radio in 1997 as a newscaster and was soon charged with launching the station's now award winning Arts and Humanities Radio Project. She produced the station's 2007 documentary Ashes to Hope: Overcoming the Detroit Riots which won a Murrow Award, a Clarion, a PRNDI, and numerous regional and state awards.

Tamar also produced the station's documentary Foreclosing on the American Dream Over the years Tamar has worn multiple hats at Michigan Radio as the managing editor for cultural reporting, a fill-in news anchor, talk show founding producer, interview and podcast producer, and reporter.

Before joining Michigan Radio, Tamar worked at public radio stations in Detroit and Ypsilanti, and did a variety of voice-over and freelance work including documentary production for NPR. Her Louis Jordan documentary was recently rebroadcast on NPR's Jazz Profiles. She has a masters in telecommunications from Michigan State, but did her undergrad work here at U of M.

Tamar is the chair of the Public Radio Program Director's Board of Directors.

Our Flint area signal, WFUM 91.1, is off the air. A pole fire has interrupted electrical service to the transmitter. Consumers Energy says they expect power will be restored by 10:30a.

WFUM 91.1 off the air

May 27, 2011

Our technical staff is making electrical repairs at our WFUM transmitter. This work means WFUM 91.1 in the Flint area will be off the air for about an hour.

Mark Danielson / Flickr

Protesters headed to Lansing yesterday to voice their displeasure with the budget cuts in Governor Snyder's budget proposal.  People were also there yesterday in support of the cuts.

Michigan Radio's political analyst Jack Lessenberry discussed the protests on Michigan Radio this morning.

Casey West

(By Kyle Norris) Gerry Bose has worked as paint contractor for much of his life in new construction. He actually painted the insides of a lot of new mc-mansions. But when the housing bubble burst a few years ago, Bose lost 80% of his work. Since then he's laid off his two employees, and he's had to scramble for work as a painter.

But he's also had more time and energy to book jobs as a juggler.

Gerry Bose is setting up his show at the Grant Public Library, about 30 miles north of Grand Rapids. Bose cracks-open what looks like a pirate chest.