Tony Arnold

As a general assignment reporter at WBEZ, Tony covers breaking news, politics, criminal justice, business and everything in between.

Tony originally joined WBEZ as a news intern, later becoming a producer for the 2006 midterm and 2007 municipal elections.

Tony’s reports have been heard on National Public Radio, Marketplace, World Radio Switzerland, the CBC, Radio New Zealand, Radio Wales and Radio Ireland.

Prior to joining WBEZ, Tony worked as a reporter for WNIJ 89.5 FM in DeKalb, IL, a producer for WMUB 88.5 FM in Oxford, Ohio and as a correspondent for The Lima News in Lima, Ohio.

Tony has a B.A. in American Studies from Miami University.

Originally from Elida, Ohio, Tony resides in the Northcenter neighborhood of Chicago.

All this month, we’ve been looking at Empty Places across the Midwest; from vacant lots to abandoned factories.

As companies adjust to new economic conditions, many are re-evaluating the basics, including their locations.

City officials often bend over backwards to get businesses to locate in their communities and provide jobs, but they’re left with big challenges when a company decides to leave.

There’s a hot new trend among companies around the Midwest – threatening to leave. Several companies, especially around Chicago, have been asking big picture questions as they take a look at their bottom lines.