After a decade of illness, former Wolverine thanks plant-based diet for renewed health

Jun 17, 2016

In the late 1980s, Marc Ramirez played football for the University of Michigan.

While he was playing he was able to eat pretty much whatever he wanted and stay healthy. 

Then he graduated, and without all that physical activity, he started gaining weight and developing health problems.

Twelve years out of college, Ramirez was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Over the next decade, he developed high blood pressure, high cholesterol, psoriasis and more.

In 2011, Ramirez and his wife, after seeing a documentary about the harmful effects of animal foods, decided to go vegan. He told us that move radically changed their lives.

"Once we adopted this lifestyle in December of 2011 -- after, again, being sick for a decade -- I was off all five of my medications in two months, and in three months I had lost 45 pounds," Ramirez said.


Marc Ramirez is a former football player for the Michigan Wolverines. He and his wife now run a nonprofit organization called Chick and Bean, promoting the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle.