Amidst public corruption investigation, Romulus mayor says he's not quitting

Apr 2, 2013

Romulus Mayor Alan Lambert
Credit Official Photo

This is not a great week for Romulus Mayor Alan Lambert.

State police are investigating him for public corruption and raided his home last month.

So far he's refusing to step down, even after the city council asked him to resign last night.

Lambert points out he hasn't been charged with any crimes so far. And he's asking the public to withhold judgment until all  the facts come out.

Meanwhile, city councilman Leroy Burcroff says his conversation with police leads him to believe they could be investigating a pay-to-play scandal, with the mayor taking money for favors.

A caveat here: Burcroff just announced he plans to challenge Mayor Lambert in the next election.

William Wadsworth is also a council member. He says the scandal feels like a black cloud over the city.

"It's unfortunate. My gut is telling me something has taken place here, but what the final outcome is going to be, I don't know…I just wish the investigation would come to a head."

The state police say they're wrapping up their investigation soon.

Romulus' police chief and the economic development director have both resigned, saying they couldn’t keep serving under the current leadership.