Ann Arbor Council urges Michigan to repeal 'stand-your-ground' law

Aug 9, 2013

Credit grzessiek / MorgueFile

The Ann Arbor City Council is sending a message to the Michigan Legislature about the state's self-defense law.

In 2006, Michigan passed a law similar to Florida's so-called "Stand-Your-Ground" law, which got international attention after the fatal shooting of a black teenager there.

Ann Arbor Councilwoman Sabra Briere is among those who want Michigan's law revised and voted in favor of a resolution being sent to Lansing.

Briere says she's not opposed to gun ownership, but wants clearer rules about when guns can be used for self-defense.

"I do want to encourage that 'if they had to part' to be the discussion point, rather than 'I can use it because I own it.'  Cowboys don't belong in urban settings," Briere says.  It should be clear that you are protecting yourself, not that you simply have a handy gun and you want to use it."

Briere says the resolution is more than symbolic. She says it's the job of local governments to lobby higher government on behalf of their constituents.