Another death in Michigan linked to tainted steriod injections

Jan 3, 2013

Michigan health officials have confirmed an 11th death in the state linked to tainted steroid injections.

The steroid injections were intended to relieve back pain. But the steroids were contaminated.

Angela Minicuci is with the Department of Community Health.

She says the 87 year old Washtenaw County woman who died December 30th was being treated for an epidural abscess.

Minicuci says abscesses have been the most diagnosed ailment related to the tainted steroid investigation.

“And if those are not treated soon enough they can be fatal. And this is the second death associated with an epidural abscess in Michigan,” says Minicuci.

More than 200 Michiganders have fallen ill from the tainted steroid injections.  Dozens have been treated for fungal meningitis related to the injections.

The Massachusetts pharmacy that produced the tainted steroid injections filed for bankruptcy protection last month.