An anti-gay Facebook post that led to a request for resignation

Mar 28, 2013

Yesterday, a Republican National Committeeman, and former Michigan lawmaker, posted an article chock full of anti-gay slurs on Facebook. 

Dave Agema, the Committeeman who posted the article with a byline of "Frank Joseph, MD," has been asked to resign by 21 Republican precinct delegates and young Republican leaders. 

His response?

"Absolutely not."

The article at the center of all this claims that gay people are responsible for half the murders in large cities, that they are sexually promiscuous, and that they are trying to get the public to "affirm their filthy lifestyle."

This isn't the first time Agema has posted inflammatory comments.

He has been opposed to the idea that gay individuals have any rights at all for a long time. He was also the man who said, in reference to the tear-gassing of protestors at the right-to-work demonstrations, "I rather enjoy this."

Michigan Radio's Cynthia Canty spoke with Dennis Lennox, a Republican precinct delegate from Grand Traverse County. Lennox is one of the 21 delegates who have asked Agema to resign.

To hear the full audio, click here.