ArtPod is supersized for Spring

Mar 29, 2013

This week, ArtPod is inspired by the massive chocolate Easter bunnies we’ve been inhaling for days now.

So to welcome Spring (hey, it’s 50 degrees!) we’re doing a bigger edition of ArtPod, squeezing in two very different  Michigan’s artists and culture-makers.

First, we start off with a full-cast radio performance of the play “RUST.”

Four years in the making, “RUST” tells the story of what happens after a GM plant shutters. It’s based on interviews collected by Grand Valley State University writing professor Aaron Bunn, as he tries to piece together what happens to “people who make things…when we stop making things.”

Then we head to downtown Detroit, because what better way to welcome Spring than by driving out the Devil of the city?

That’s exactly what happens in the 300-year-old celebration of the Marche Du Nain Rouge.

So put on your best disguise (so the Nain can’t exact his revenge, of course), and get ready for “the epic confrontation…when the future of the city hinges on whether the hopes of the gathered Detroiters can overwhelm the Nain Rouge’s dastardly plans, or whether the curse of the Nain Rouge manages to hold the city back once again.”