Ben Carson launches national tour in Detroit

Mar 15, 2017

Dr. Ben Carson came home today to speak at a school named after him. 

Although most Detroiters voted Democratic in the 2016 presidential election, the newly appointed secretary of Housing and Urban Development felt it was important to begin what he called a national listening tour in his hometown. 

"Growing up  here in Detroit, I think, was a tremendous advantage to me," Carson said to a crowd of students, parents, teachers and city officials. "Other people like to denigrate Detroit, but I think Detroit is great place, quite frankly." 

The former neurosurgeon said wants to hear from people with "boots on the ground" during this national listening tour.


"Because that’s the best way, I think, to get the best impression of what really works and what doesn’t work," he said. 



Carson didn't lay out any specific plans for helping Detroit, but said he is committed to working with Mayor Mike Duggan, the city council and the newly elected school board in their efforts to make the city's comeback a reality.



Carson hardly made mention of President Donald Trump, who also spoke in the Detroit area today, during his speech.