Bing praises state plan to aid Detroit

Jul 13, 2012

Governor Snyder is ready to send bulldozers, cops and social welfare workers into Detroit.

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing confirmed reports Friday that the state is sending money and resources Detroit’s way.

The goal is to focus intensely on stabilizing several city neighborhoods, with an emphasis on demolishing vacant homes.

Bing says state and city officials chose the target neighborhoods jointly.

“We’re really focusing on a couple of areas where the schools are,” Bing said. “And so when we talk about safe routes to school, I think what the Governor and the state is gonna do is help us accelerate cleaning up some areas around schools.”

Governor Snyder's staff confirmed the broad details of the plan Friday.

A provision in Detroit's consent agreement says the state will help Detroit with its chronic blight problems, though it doesn't lay out a specific plan.

Bing says he's pleased with the deal, though it's not yet clear how much money the state will put into it. “I think finally, the state is coming around. Understanding what needs to be done in Detroit," he said.

Bing says his administration has made demolishing vacant structures “a priority.” But he calls this state aid “crucial,” because the city itself is broke and federal aid is largely tapped out.

The state also reportedly plans to supplement that effort with an influx of state police, and social welfare workers.

Governor Snyder is expected to formally announce these plans early next month.