Board meeting could decide fate of embattled airport CEO

Oct 31, 2011

The board that runs Detroit Metro Airport meets Monday, and the group could decide to remove the airport’s embattled CEO, Turkia Mullin.

Mullin’s short tenure as CEO of Detroit Metro Airport has been tarnished by controversy.

Soon after taking the job, it was revealed she had accepted a $200,000 “severance” to voluntarily leave her old post as Wayne County’s economic development director. She’s returned most of the money.

The scandal has since widened across Wayne County government, and includes growing questions about some deals Mullin did.

On Friday, Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano praised Mullin but called her situation “an obvious distraction.”

Two members of the seven-member airport board have publicly said they’d like to see Mullin go.

But if the board votes to dismiss her, Mullin could earn another hefty severance payment. Her contract calls for her to get almost $750,000 if she’s let go—unless she’s determined to have engaged in "immoral or indecent conduct injurious to the reputation of the Authority" or "unethical business conduct which is injurious to the Authority."