Both art and science, Art Fair features images from under the microscope

Jul 19, 2013

Visitors to the Ann Arbor Art Fair saw some unusual art if they stopped by the University of Michigan Health System's booth this week. The Bioartography project features images of cells taken under a microscope.

Researcher Deborah Gumucio is director of the project. She says just about all of the images that doctors, post-docs and other researchers submit are incredibly beautiful, resembling abstract art. A panel of artists sorts through and selects the best.

"We're kind of scientifically connected to the work," says Gumucio. "It's hard for us to be objective about what's beauty and what's good science, so we have the artists actually pick out which of the items are more striking, and they're usually right."

More images from the project can be seen (and purchased) here.