A breakdown of Great Lakes water usage by state and province

Jun 25, 2013

The Great Lakes Commission reported that over 44 billion gallons of water are drawn from the Great Lakes every day to use for irrigation, public water supply and other purposes.

The most recent Great Lakes Regional Water Use Report looked at data from 2011.

In the GLC's press release, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker emphasized the importance of responsible water management. Walker is the chair of Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Water Resources Regional Body and Compact Council. 

"Water is one of the region's most precious resources, and there is a renewed commitment on the part of the Great Lakes governors and premiers to manage water resources wisely. Trends indicate that Great Lakes water use is relatively stable and is actually decreasing in some areas."

Here's the breakdown of how much water each state and province uses:

2011 water use data
Credit Great Lakes Commission

Ontario and Michigan are the top water users. It makes sense. They also have the most Great Lakes coastline. Here's how Great Lakes coastline breaks down:

Great Lakes Shoreline Access | Infographics

-- Lucy Perkins, Michigan Radio Newsroom