Buena Vista's school year could be saved under a new plan

May 14, 2013

An entire school district closing before the school year ends is a bit of a black eye for public education in Michigan.

Just on perception alone, you would think politicians and administrators would jump to fix the problem. Instead, as Michigan Radio's Sarah Hulett pointed out, many just put up their hands.

Now, some news of movement.

The state school superintendent says the Buena Vista district could re-open soon, if the local school board approves a deficit-elimination plan.

The school district near Saginaw hasn't held class since May 3, because the district ran out of money.

(More on HOW they ran out of money here.)

Under Michigan law, schools can't get state aid, if they don't have an approved-deficit plan.

State school superintendent Mike Flanagan says he's seen a draft of the plan, and believes the state can approve it. But first, it must be approved by the Buena Vista school-board, which meets tonight.

The school district recently released a plan to make up lost school days during a 'summer camp.'

Over on Michigan Radio's State of Opportunity site, Sarah Alvarez has posted that the summer camp will be "Plan B" if the deficit reduction plan is not approved at tonight's school board meeting.

Alvarez is going to tonight's meeting and willl give us an update.