Businessman, former Kent County official hopes to unseat Congressman Justin Amash

Mar 5, 2012

There are now two democrats hoping to unseat first-term Congressman Justin Amash. The conservative republican faces a newly redrawn district in his reelection bid this year. 

Michigan lost a congressional district after the recent census. Newly redrawn maps cut the generally republican suburbs of Grand Rapids out of the third congressional district and added Battle Creek.

That could be a challenge for Amash. The freshman is a strong advocate of limited government and free markets. He’s one of only a few sitting federal officials supporting Congressman Ron Paul in the presidential election.

Democrat Steve Pestka thinks the new congressional map (and that it’s a presidential election) will help him defeat Amash in November. Pestka announced today in Grand Rapids he’s running for Congress. He’ll make another stop this afternoon in Battle Creek.

Pestka is a businessman, former state representative, Kent County judge and assistant prosecutor.

Pestka says he’s more willing to work with people with opposing political views than Amash.

"I will fight for jobs and for West Michigan values, instead of for extreme political views from either side that will lead us no where," Peskta said. 

But first Pestka faces political newcomer Trevor Thomas in the democratic primary in August.