C-Sections, induced labor decrease at MI hospitals

Nov 8, 2011

Michigan hospitals are reducing unnecessary caesarian sections and medically induced labors.

The procedures dropped about six percent in a year, after a project that began at Oakwood Hospital was adopted state-wide.

Dr. Charles Cash of Oakwood Hospital says doctors there performed zero C-sections this year, unless there was a medical reason like seizures in the mother. 

The hospital also did not induce early labor in any patient, meaning before 39 weeks, except for medical reasons.

Cash says babies who are born too early can end up in intensive care, because their lungs didn't develop enough.

"The mother is – she’s tired, she wants to deliver, it’s 37, 38 weeks, can’t you just do this delivery for me, doc, please, and you know the doc’s trying to help the mom, but the point is we have to ask is that the wisest thing and is that the best thing for you and your baby."

Cash says reducing C-sections and induced labor also reduces health care costs.