Can American politics learn something from religion?

May 14, 2013

One of the most frustrating aspects of living in American in 2013 is the way we seem to have lost a sense of being on the same team. 

Instead of thinking of ourselves as Americans or Michiganders, it's all too often Democrats or Republicans, Christian, or Muslim. 

This deep sense of division leads to gridlock in Congress and in Lansing. 

Jim Wallis has a few ideas about how to mend this cynical crack that divides our country.

He is the author of the book On God's Side: What religion forgets and politics hasn't learned about serving the common good, published by Brazos Press.

Breaking down the title, Michigan Radio's Cynthia Canty  spoke with Wallis about what religion has forgotten, and what price we're paying as a nation because of it.

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