Car to Car Research in Ann Arbor

Nov 13, 2012

There are thousands of cars and trucks driving around Ann Arbor right now, constantly talking to each other.  And in 2013, bicycles and motorcycles will be added to the mix.

They'll be part of an ongoing, $18 million study at the University of Michigan that's outfitting vehicles with wireless car-to-car communication devices.  Those devices alert drivers about safety threats and traffic issues. 

Jim Sayer's a research scientist working on the project. He says the weather and traffic layout are two reasons the study is being done in Ann Arbor.  “It’s Michigan and so we have 4 seasons.  We need to evaluate these devices in all different types of environments both weather and geometric road way designs.”

Sayer says the technology could help reduce traffic fatalities.  That’s the leading cause of death for Americans between 4 and 35 years old.

- Chris Zollars