Center for homeless youth opens in Wyandotte

Sep 26, 2012

The Yard is a new center for homeless and runaway youth based in Wyandotte. It provides tutoring, food, computers, a washer and dryer, and a place for young people to hangout.

Jane Scarlett is the director of homeless programs at Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency.  She’s says school districts call the agency on a daily basis looking for organizations that can help homeless kids in their area. But Scarlett says it’s tough to know exactly how many homeless kids are out there.

Scarlett says homeless kids tend to stay under the radar because they’re embarrassed or they’re afraid they’ll get in trouble or that the state will separate them from their families.

Schools are required by federal law to help their homeless students with issues like transportation and keeping kids in the school of their choice. Scarlett says The Yard will not compete with schools and will be open when school is not in session.