City of Lansing finalizes new contract with UAW employees

Oct 22, 2013

Some Lansing city workers have a new three year contract.

The Lansing city council gave the final OK to the contract with the city’s UAW employees last night.  

Under the contract, the city’s UAW employees will pay more toward their retirement benefits.   Also, the families of new city employees will not be eligible for health benefits after the employee retires.   The contract also includes a slight pay increase.   

“We have long term challenges to face in terms of retiree health care, in terms of the cost of pensions,” says Randy Hannan, the mayor’s office spokesman, “And this contract makes significant progress in both of those key areas.”

Hannan adds the agreement with the UAW may affect other contract talks.

“It will certainly come into play in our negotiations with other unions, because quite naturally, they look to see what other bargaining units got and whether they can get a similar or better deal,” says Hannan.

The city of Lansing is currently in contract talks with two other city unions.