Common Core: the future of testing for Michigan's school kids

May 29, 2014

As the school year comes to end, parents, teachers and even kids themselves are wondering what kind of testing they'll have to endure when they return in the fall. 

Michigan's adopted a set of standards called Common Core. With it, the state wants to give kids an applied knowledge kind of test called Smarter Balanced.

A sample question from a field test of what was supposed to be, and might still be, the new Michigan K-12 assessment. Swimmers race. Time is kept to two decimal points. What happens if time is only kept to one decimal point?

But not everyone's happy. State lawmakers are trying to stop the new test and trying to take the power to oversee school testing away from the Michigan Department of Education. Some of them want to bring back the MEAP. 

But what is Common Core? What is Smarter Balanced? Why should you care? 

State of Opportunity took a stab at demystifying the current state of K-12 testing in Michigan.

All you want to know about Common Core and testing in an easy list is over at State of Opportunity